With our current lifestyle it is hard to avoid toxins. Even if we eat a healthy, all-natural diet, no matter what we do our air, water and surroundings contain harmful chemicals like pesticides and heavy metals.

Many people have started trying to rid their bodies of these poisons by periodically cleansing with specially designed diets. The amazing three day detoxification diet is one of the fastest ways to accomplish this.

The first step in your three day diet is to eliminate all artificial ingredients, meat, and dairy products. This will immediately prevent new toxins from entering your body while you are trying to rid yourself of the ones already stored in different organs.

You will need to substitute lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Each morning you drink a cup of warm water with lemon juice. This boosts the flow of your digestive juices. At each meal eat whole grains like brown rice or whole oats along with at least two servings of fruit and vegetables.

If you have a juicer, any vegetable like beets or carrots or fruit like oranges or grapefruits provide variety to your meals. Nuts and seeds can be substituted for whole grains.

Chopped garlic added to other dishes provides good taste as well as good nutrition. With a little imagination you can come up with some tasty raw food creations.

Just be sure to avoid any foods that have artificial flavors and colors, as well as those that contain fat or sugar. Water is a major factor in all detoxification and that is true of this diet as well.

This is not only vital for removing toxins from your organs like liver, kidneys, and your digestive system , but also replaces old water that your body has stored. You should drink at least 3 quarts per day and more if you want to speed up the process.

Some of this intake can be in the form of herbal teas like chamomile or parsley or can be flavored with natural juices like lemon. Of course , a good exercise plan will also speed up your body's natural ability to eliminate waste.

The increased blood flow during physical activity carries more oxygen to your organs and removes more toxins from your cells. The sweat on your skin helps remove salt and pollutants.

In addition, the chemicals released in your brain improve your mood and help to relieve stress. This, in combination with your diet, results in a greater felling of well being, boosts confidence, and gives you more energy.

The three day detoxification diet really is amazing in its ease and rapid results. It's chemical free, all natural, and easy on your body.

First stop eating toxins by following a regimen of healthy foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Add plenty of water to help flush poisons out of your system and exercise to stimulate you total health. You will be amazed at how quickly and easily you can feel and look better.

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