It is unlikely that a Windows PC will come preloaded with a dazzling array of software, but there are a few amazing tools one can avail without even shelling out a penny…


This smart piece of software can record your screen actions and convert it into a video. For instance if one needs to demonstrate certain actions on your computer to friends or families or want to transmit it to the web- you simply need to activate your Camstudio, minimize your Windows and perform whatever actions you desire. Upon completion, you turn off the recording and eventually you will get an excellent quality AVI video file of your actions. It is so less hassle some than using a webcam. One can avail the service at www.camstudio.org

Crossloop –For Remote loop

This nifty piece of software comes handy when one is confronted with a problem and requires urgent help. With the aid of this software, anyone can remotely get linked to your computer and temporarily assume control-obviously at your discretion. Complicated VNC clients and IP addresses can be avoided using this software. As long as you are connected to the net and the Crossloop feature is available in both the PCs, these actions can be performed seamlessly. The security of the connections is robust which are only possible through the use of random passkeys which are created each time you use this software. Find it @ www.crossloop.com

Dexpot- Create multiple virtual desktops.

Virtual desktops are of great use. Consider a scenario where multiple windows are opened simultaneously and your desktop and taskbar are maxed out in their efforts to cope with them. Deskpot allows you to operate four virtual desktops at the same time – each acting as a full-fledged computer , where you may have multiple windows and programmes running in each , and you can easily switch with a simple keyboard shortcut. Really comes handy in case of a laptop with a small display screen. Find it @ www.dexpot.de.

Eraser- Erase your files securely .

This software helps you erase all your data securely. If you are selling your old laptop or computer , think about the pile of sensitive data stored in them which are easily recoverable by software like Recuva. Eraser, deletes even the last snippet of your data permanently by overwriting them with random patterns. One can also select the level of security. Get from www.eraser.heidi.ie

Keepass- One Password to bind them all.

It is actually a headache to recollect every single password that we use while availing the net. Keepass is the panacea to such problems. It is basically functions as an open source password keeper that stores every bit of information in a database which has amazing encryption levels. You can store multiple things, starting from your various passwords, your credit card details, bank account info etc –using a single master password. These highly sensitive data will subsequently get encrypted on your machine itself and the encryption logarithms used are the most complex, state of the art ones that are in vogue.

Recuva- Say hello once again to your deleted files

The software as the name suggest, helps you to recover all your deleted files that you may have accidentally or inadvertently erased. This data can be from anywhere, be it your computer’s captive hard drive , or an external one, a USB drive or even a connected digital camera Until and unless you have  overwritten your data with tons of other information and formatted your memory, this software without any major road bumps. Get it from www.piriform.com/recuva