Hawaii has some amazing and beautiful destinations regardless of which Island of Hawaii you end up visiting. Here are some amazing and cool looking attractions and destinations in Hawaii.


VolcanoCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nanpalmero/5496322740/

Every island that forms the state of Hawaii was formed by Volcanoes. Volcanoes are still active in many parts of Hawaii and you can still see hot flowing magma flowing into the Ocean, technically making the State of Hawaii slightly larger over a period of time. If you have a fascination with Volcanoes then there may be no better place to learn more and see them in action while still remaining relatively safe then in Hawaii.

Waimea Canyon

Waimea CanyonCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/exfordy/5224420091/

Waimea Canyon is a very popular canyon to visit in Hawaii because of its’ natural beauty. Waimea Canyon is often compared to the Grand Canyon in Arizona and is even nicknamed the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

Na Pali Coast

Na Pali CoastCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/elchode/5100219894/

Na Pali Coast is on the oldest inhabited Island of all of the Hawaiian Islands, yet it has no automobiles in the Na Pali Coast region. The Hawaiian Island of Kauai is where the Na Pali Coast is located and it is a photographers dream come true. The Na Pali Coast is not accessible by automobiles. To get to the over 6,000 acres of the Na Pali Coast you must hike in or take a kayak in. I guess you could also parachute out but that would still not be as much fun as when you are in a Kayak heading to a region of the island that has no automobile transportation options.


Surfing(111486)Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/anhonorablegerman/6676322599/

No trip to Hawaii can be complete without watching or even participating in some Surfing. Sue the Big Wave competitions are awesome to watch but so is the everyday surfers who are just catching some waves in the morning before they head off to work. You can always get some lessons on how to surf and then attempt it yourself. Don’t worry about it because you will start of on the sand learning how to stand up on the board properly and then you will get moved out to the water to try to catch some waves but the waves will be little ones until you build up your skill level and your courage. Courage will come quickly though because surging is truly very addicting to many people. If you have watched movies such as Blue Crush then you can begin to understand the appeal that surfing holds for many people in Hawaii.


HonoluluCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/73230975@N03/6842101313/

Honolulu is the largest City in Hawaii and is home to a very diverse amount of people. You can find the seedier side of Hawaii here in Honolulu with drug addicts, prostitutes, and slummy areas; however you can also find many nice attractions and activities to do. Honolulu is like any big city in that they have a lot of crime and bad parts of town, but they also have a lot to offer tourists and travelers including bleachers, museums, and many sporting activities as well as many other fun activities.

One must see museum in Honolulu is the Bishop Museum. The Bishop Museum is the largest museum in Honolulu and is home to the World’s largest collection of Pacific Islander and Hawaiian artifacts. In addition the Bishop Museum also houses and displays the State of Hawaii’s largest collection of natural history specimens.

If you like animals then make sure you check out the Honolulu Zoo. Other very popular tourist destinations in Hawaii include the USS Arizona Memorial, Aloha Tower, Honolulu Museum of Art, and of course Waikiki Beach.

Hawaii Travel Tips

Hawaii is best explored when you are not on a set schedule. If you are on a guided tour and only allowed so much time before you move on to the next attraction then you could potentially miss out on the true beauty of what Hawaii has to offer. Hawaii is best explored at a leisurely pace when you can take the time to further explore an attraction in-depth if you and your family are enjoying whatever place, destination, or attraction you are currently at. Never rush or force your Hawaii sight-seeing because it is not how much you see, but what you see when you see it. Take your time and immerse yourself into the Hawaiian culture and you will begin to see the magnificent beauty that this culture has to offer. Hawaiian culture is definitely much different and often more warming and receptive then other cultures.

The best way to get around on the Big Island is to rent a jeep or scooter. Scooters are a lot of fun and easy to get around on; however you must be extra cautious because the Big Island is also known for having a lot of drunk drivers and if a drunk driver plows into you on a tiny motorized scooter then your vacation will end up with you in the hospital or even the mortuary. A jeep is much more expensive to rent but an open top jeep is a fun way to cruise around the big island of Hawaii.

To get from one island to the next you need to either go by boat or fly. There are generally daily flights that will take you to one of the other Hawaiian Islands. Going by boat is often a bit cheaper but will also take much more time; but then again you do not want to rush you trip to Hawaii and a trip to an Island by boat could provide a nice memory and highlight of your first vacation to the great State of Hawaii.

If you stay a few blocks from the beach you can often find much cheaper lodging opportunities yet still be able to walk down to the beach in less than 10 minutes. The farther you are from the beach the cheaper the hotels are generally are, but if you book in advance then you may be able to get a steeply discounted beach front Hawaiian Hotel.