Fishing Helicopter Adventures

There are many places where you can go to hop on a Helicopter and take a ride, whether or not it's a helicopter tour of the city, in a mountain range, or to ski up to a mountain, but almost nothing compares to the thrill of a Fishing Helicopter adventure. When you go up in the big bird, you'll be taken to one of natures most beautiful hidden treasures. A serene lake, with wild fish, based in mountains rarely traveled by mankind. Your guide will most likely provide you with a prepared speech about the history of the land, the lakes, and the species of fish you can catch when you land.

Nimmo Bay Heli FishingPersonally, I'm not a huge fisherman or enthusiast, but I can say it wouldn't take much for me to be convinced to go for a helicopter ride into a gorgeous mountain range with pools of crystal clear water to sit in good company and enjoy a few beverages while taking in the scenery. Fishing Helicopters are a rare commodity - There's only a handful of companies that actually do this. Nimmo Bay specializes in these kinds of trips, from having lunch on a deserted, whitesand beach, to flying up high in a fishing helicopter to choose a great spot in the river where the salmon are jumping upstream.

If you take a look at some of the places that do helicopter fishing trips, you'll probably notice Nimmo bay is one of the most popular and most talked about - having William Shatner as a client probably doesn't hurt the reputation of the company either. But of course with that, there comes a large price tag, somewhere in the thousands per day! (Although if you have the money, it'd be an unforgettable experience).

The most popular styles of Fishing Helicopter adventures are for angling. Depending on your fishing skill level, you can catch and release up to 20 fish. Imagine taking off from the main lodge, and flying out into the wild. You land at a nice beach, fish for a while, then all of the sudden it starts to rain. Well, the experienced pilot offers you the chance to get out of the rain, so you fly to the other side of the mountain and simply drop line. You basically rent the fishing helicopter and have a blast.

Helicopter Diving

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about a guy diving out of a helicopter onto a marlin in New Zealand - which is absolutely insane, but the video was amazing. I doubt you'll find a guy brave enough to go diving out of a helicopter onto a giant fish with a weapon on its face. Helicopter scuba diving is also a popular activity, but it seem to be a very Navy orientated activity, from diving and exploring wrecks, and sea rescue.

The Fishing Helicopter stays with your group all day, so there's no pressure on your stress-free day. Check out some fishing helicopter pictures from Nimmo Bay