Amazing Interview Skills

An interview is the most crucial part of the hiring process because it allows the employer to meet you and assess your traits prior to hiring you; moreover, it can be what sets you apart from all of the other candidates. Key factors of an interview are your dress, knowledge, and the actual interview. Almost all interviews consist of 3 key sections: the introduction, the question and answer period, and the exit. With the right skills you will be able to leave the interview with the employer`s jaw dropped to the floor, and feeling very confident that you have gotten the job. You must also take into account that there are quite a few traits that will help your interview that are intrinsically in you and cannot be learned by reading this article; however, using the skills provided in this article will allow you to have the most optimal interview, along with the best chance of getting the job.

First and foremost, what you wear to an interview plays a large role in the employer`s first impressions of how you come across to them. A general rule of thumb is to dress on level more formal than you would have to dress on a regular working day at the job. For instance, imagine that you are applying for a bank position that requires you to wear a dress shirt along with dress pants and shoes; you might want to add a tie and blazer into that mix when going to an interview for that position.

Secondly, how much you know about the specific position and company that you applying for plays a large role in the interview. Prior to the interview you are going to have to do some research regarding the company`s history, and position`s history and qualifications. You should review these main points in your head as if you were studying for a test because it would be extremely beneficial to use them throughout the interview. This knowledge portrays your commitment to the position to the employer.

Thirdly, the actual words exchanged with the employer plays the most significant role in the interview; this is the time in which you will use all that you have learned to impress them enough to offer you a job. Here are some tips for each section of the interview:


Upon approaching the employer you should greet them with a friendly ``hello``, followed by a statement of who you are and what position you are applying for. This should also include a handshake with a question of how they are doing today. You should try to give off a positive vibe because employers are always looking for people a positive attitude...even at funeral homes. This is probably one of the most crucial sections of the interview because this is most likely how they will remember you; first impressions are lasting impressions.

Question And Answer Period

This will be the longest section of the interview because this is most likely how they will determine your suitability for the position being offered. The questions that they will ask will most likely vary from employer to employer; however, you can almost be sure that they will include a ``tell me a bit about yourself``, and ``describe a situation in which you...``, so it`s best to have prepared some answers formulated around those questions. You are going to want to use as much of the information that you can that you have acquired about the company and position during the interview; employers always like to hear things that are specific to that position rather than general answers and statements. You should try to keep answers descriptive and ensure that they do not sound rushed. The idea of this section of the interview is to portray the idea that you are fully prepared to answer any of their questions.


Your exit should be brief and maintain the positive vibe that you worked so hard to set. You should definitely thank them for their time and the great interview, as well as ensure that they have your contact information. It is also important to let them know that you will be looking forward to hearing from them soon.

These tips do not constitute absolutely every aspect of an interview, but if you use them you can be sure that you will leave the best impression possible, and allow them to think that you are a suitable candidate for the position. Every employer is unique in the way that they conduct interviews, but the sections provided in this article are nearly staples for every interview. Remember to keep your focus on creating a factor that sets you aside from all of the other candidates, as that will most likely be the factor that gets you the job.