Little league approved bats are hard to identify because there is virtually no indication that the product. Head to the baseball equipment section of a sports store and you will notice that none of the bats indicate that they are approved for little league use! With that being said, this article is aimed at exposing some of the bats that you can use, as well as the tips for choosing one!

I can recommend any piece of baseball equipment to you; however, the best baseball bat, glove, or helmet for you is the one that feels the best. For instance, professional baseball players do not necessarily use the best baseball gloves on the market, they use the baseball glove that fits their hand the best!

Easton Has Plenty Of Little League Approved Bats To Use!

Easton is a very popular brand in the baseball industry, and they produce everything from slo-pitch softball bats to professional baseball bats. Most bats, regardless of the company that made them, will last between 10 and 20 years; however, the difference lies within how long the bat will last before losing its effectiveness.

Easton baseball bats have the longest life when it comes to maintaining effectiveness. The following bats are produced by Easton, are approved for little league, and will hit the ball effectively for at least 15 years!

-LX71 Youth Reflex

-LX67 Youth Reflex

-Easton LK38 Youth Cyclone

-LK44 Magnum

You Should Remember That An Inexperienced Little League Player Will Grow Stronger-Require A Heavier Bat

Trying to pick out a baseball equipment (such as a glove, bat, or cleats) for a child that is playing organized baseball for the first time can be relatively difficult. For one, they will not know what any of the equipment SHOULD feel like. And for two, they will probably get better and stronger at the sport over time.

I will be focusing on the second point for this paragraph.

A first-time baseball player will probably feel comfortable with the lightest little league bat because their arm and shoulder muscles may not have developed yet. However, the muscles that are used when they are batting will begin to develop from as early as their first little league game. As those muscles develop, the lightest little league bat will begin to feel like a feather, and they will probably want to swing a heavier bat.

Since the little league approved bats can be relatively expensive, I would recommend choosing one that is a few ounces heavier than your son/daughter feels comfortable swinging. They may feel uncomfortable with it during the first few baseball games; however, it will help to strengthen their muscles faster, and save you money in the long run.

Paying for your child to play baseball in a little league can be pretty expensive. With that being said, you should make an attempt to save money on every piece of baseball equipment that you can!

Some Stores Offer Little League Equipment Packages-Save Some Money On The Baseball Equipment

You may find some little league equipment packages being sold at sports stores; not only will these packages save you some money, but they will also allow you to save time by buying a baseball bat, mitt, batting gloves, and a helmet at one time! It should be noted that the major brands such as Easton, Louisville Slugger, and Demarini do not sell these packages!

The only thing that I would be weary of is the fact that your son/daughter may not feel comfortable with every single piece of baseball equipment in the package. Imagine buying one of these packages as being similar to buying a pre-built computer. You will get a better deal, but you will not get to choose all of the parts!

Easton has a ton of bats to choose from when the time comes to enroll your son or daughter into a baseball league; in addition, a good portion of the bats that they offer are approved for little league use! Demarini, Lousiville Slugger, and Rawlings are three other brands to keep your eyes open for. In addition to producing baseball bats, these brands produce some of the greatest baseball mitts, batting gloves, and helmets that can be used in the little league practices and games!

Playing baseball in a little league setting is all about having fun and learning how to properly hit/catch a ball! With that being said, it would greatly help your child to use the proper equipment when catching a pop fly or swinging at a curve ball. The majority of the baseball equipment that you will find at your local sports store will be relatively expensive; however, you can be sure that the bat, mitt, and helmet will last you at least 10 years! Every player should be using one of the little league approved bats that is listed throughout this article; they will allow them to hit the ball effectively, and follow the rules of the game!