Amazing Okuma Fishing Rods

When the time comes to choose your newest fishing gear, you will be faced with the task of having to choose from many brands, and hundreds of models alike. Okuma fishing rods represent models with a reputation of being absolutely amazing in regards to weight, design, functionality, and practicality. Although there are many models to choose from within Okuma fishing rods in the brand itself, this article lists and describes the 5 most popular series' of models. The information that is provided to you in this article will allow you to make an educated decision when you choose to purchase one of the many Okuma fishing rods, and be absolutely satisfied with your purchase that you have made.

Celilo Specialty Okuma Fishing Rods

Although many of the models of Okuma fishing rods are built for all around greatness in this recreational sport, the models in this class are built with a special focus being placed on catching specific species that live in specific bodies of water. Although they may not be as useful for catching other types of species, they definitely do the best job at catching the type that they are specialized for. They are built in a fashion that allows them to be both lightweight, and durable at the same time; these two qualities form a so-called perfect storm in this sport. Although their price tag may be a tad bit more expensive than the other Okuma fishing rods that are featured in this article, you will definitely be absolutely astonished with the way that these perform above all of the rest.

EVx Okuma Fishing Rods

This serves as one of the larger series' of products within this reputable brand name; moreover, the series of EVx Okuma fishing rods is one of the first series' to be released, which has allowed its selection to grow. The first thing that you will notice about every single model in this series is that they are relatively light for their size; this is mainly because they feature a blank construction of graphite that makes up the majority of the product. The feel that these models provide you with is nothing short of phenomenal; they use the top quality cork for the split grip and the foregrip to give you the best feeling possible. One can easily see that the manufacturers didn't skimp out on this series because it is simply astonishing.

Reflexions Okuma Fishing Rods

Although this series is one of the best selling out of all that are featured in this article, the fact that the models are made by the genuine materials that are produced by this brand should be a great enough reason to purchase these Okuma fishing rods. However, if you still need some convincing, the stainless steel frame, and graphite blank will do a great job at convincing you. The fact that they have also used a split butt should allow the balance and weight of the Okuma fishing rods to significantly improve when you are utilizing it properly. Of course the use of the best cork that is available to this recreational sport improves the overall weight and feel of the product greatly. Choose to use a model from the Reflexions series and you will surely be absolutely satisfied with your purchase!

SST Okuma Fishing Rods

The SST series is like a combination of the overpowered and specialized models that you can only dream of; they have nearly every feature that you can look for. Although these Okuma fishing rods will run you up a pretty penny, they will definitely satisfy your every desire and need that you may have in your fishing hardware. Aside from the blank graphite construction, the models in this series are designed to be geared towards specific actions and species that are involved in this sport. For instance, whether you are planning on casting, spinning, or simply trying to catch some trout, you will be able to find a model within this series that absolutely suits your every need of doing so.

Aquios Okuma Fishing Rods

This represents the middle class series of Okuma fishing rods; they will provide you with the features that are necessary, and will definitely have an affordable price tag attached to them. Just like many of the other models that are featured in this article, the models in the Aquios series have a graphite blank construction; however, these models consist of a composite rod. One of the best things about these models is that they carry a strong 1 year warranty so that you can use them with the peace of mind. Some fishermen are very cautious with their hardware so that they do not break them; however, this can cause them to perform worse in regards to their catching. This will definitely not happen with the models in the Aquios series because the warranty will allow the fisher to go all-out.

When the time comes to purchase some new gear for your favourite sport, you will be faced with the challenge of sifting through hundreds of brands and models to find the ones that suit you the best. Okuma fishing rods make up a great portion of the reputable market of the fishing industry; however, their wide selection of models can be quite confusing too. This article lists and describes the 5 best series' of Okuma fishing rods; use this information to your advantage, and you will surely be ecstatic about the new gear that you have bought.