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We all have seen the amazing photography skills of photographers on the web every day. Have you ever seen a truly great looking photograph and wished that it was one you had taken? Now you can learn some tips on capturing amazing photography made easy.

Basic Camera Settings

An understanding of basic camera functions is vital to taking great pictures. There is nothing wrong with leaving your digital SLR on auto-mode when you are taking pictures, but you will come across shooting situations where the auto-mode won’t work to capture what you want. Use these instances as a learning experience so the next time you are in that situation you will know what settings to use to be able to capture that shot.

 Not Every Picture is a Great Picture

Even professionals photographers with years of experience take poor pictures. The difference between a pro photographer and an amateur is very little, except the pro understands that if you take enough pictures that a few of them will look great.

Amateurs often take a lot of images and hope that a few of them will come out looking great. Experienced photographers will also take a lot of images but they expect a few great shots in each batch.


Amazing photography of people is a great way for novice photographers to increase their portfolio of great pictures. People can lend a unique aspect to photography which can make a relatively average image look amazing. An example of this is if you take an average picture of a flower you will have a boring and monotonous looking picture. If you take a relatively average photo of a cute girl then the photograph has the potential to be an amazing photo that goes viral on the web. A well composed shot that has the final image in sharp detail is extremely important to capturing an amazing photography picture, but so is the subject of the picture. An exciting subject can make an amazing photography easy

Amazing landscape photography

Amazing landscape photography can be made a lot easier if you understand the lighting. You do not always need artificial lighting, especially when shooting landscapes, but it is important that you use the preview screen on your digital SLR after you shoot to see if the lighting appears right.

Later when you transfer the images from your digital camera to your computer you will have a much better idea of which angles worked best for the specific environment you were shooting in. Feel free to experiment with a lot of different settings when shooting landscapes because after you put them on your computer you can see which ones turned out amazing. If you have an image that looks good then take a look at the EXIF data and make a note of the settings so you can use similar settings when out in the field shooting landscapes again.Murtaugh Lake

Shoot Color

Amazing black and white photography produces some of the most dramatic amazing photography seen. Black & White photography is a very popular segment of the industry. Instead of shooting using the B&W settings on your DLSR, simply shoot in full color as you normally would. You can post process later using Photoshop or other photo editing software to convert the photo to B&W. There are numerous methods of converting a photo to B&W using Photoshop so you can learn and experiment with different methods to see which you prefer. Amazing Black and White photography is done in Photoshop during the post-processing.

A Large Memory Card

To shoot amazing photography it is vital that you have a large memory card in your DSLR camera along with a spare card. When you head out to shoot you need to shoot a lot. As a beginner it is essential to take a lot of pictures of a lot of different subjects with a variety of settings in order to have the best chance of capturing and amazing landscape photography shot or any other subject matter. You can leave the camera on auto until you learn more, but it is a numbers game as a beginning photographer. You are new to the Digital SLR world so you need to get into the habit of taking 500 or more pictures on a regular basis. The more you shoot the better chance you will have of discovering an amazing photograph.

If you head out and shoot a lot of pictures on a regular basis then your skill level will increase drastically, especially if you carry the camera manual with you.

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Read the Manual

Reading the manual that came with your camera is very important to taking amazing photography. Read the manual thoroughly and then carry it in your camera bag so you can always look up the answer to questions that will arise when you are shooting in new situations.

In order to increase your ability to take amazing photographs it is vital that you follow all of the advice above as well as read as many photography books as you can. The more photography education you get then the more you can increase your ability to take amazing photography pictures every time you life the camera to your face.