Halloween is a time to dress up as your favourite character or object, and many people choose to wear one of the many Powerpuff Girls’ costumes when they go trick or treating! The Powerpuff Girls were the stars of a popular television show; they were 3 cartoon girls that spent their days fighting crime!

The most amazing thing about dressing up as one of the Powerpuff Girls for Halloween is the simple fact that they are easily recognizable. Many cartoon characters can be mistaken for other characters or objects. However, someone wearing one of the 3 Powerpuff Girl costumes will be automatically noticed and recognized!

This article will go over what to look for when buying a Powerpuff costume, and what to do when you want to make one yourself!

The Basics Of Buying A Powerpuff Girl Costume

Nickelodeon has literally made over 30 kids’ television shows, and has even released Halloween costumes for most of the Nickelodeon characters!

Most of the Nickelodeon costumes have multiple versions and different modes. For instance, you can buy a Johnny Bravo Halloween costume with different shirts and facial expressions!

However, Nickelodeon has kept it simple with the Powerpuff Girl costumes and only released one version of each.

With that being said, you will be faced with three options. You can choose to dress up as Bubbles, Blosson, or Buttercup. All of these Powerpuff Girls have similar costumes; however, it is their personalities that are different. I will be going over the aspects of each...

Wearing A Bubbles Costume

Bubbles is the Powerpuff girl with blonde hair. She has a spunky attitude, and loves to fight crime. Her Powerpuff Girl outfit includes a blue dress, and hair that is kept in pig tails. If you plan to dress up in a Bubbles Powerpuff Girl costume for Halloween, be sure to incorporate the following things:

-A loose light blue dress

-A thick black belt that goes around your waist

-Black flat shoes that are comfortable for walking

-A blonde wig (or blonde hair) that is tied in pig tails

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Dressing Up As The Powerpuff Girl Named Blosson For Halloween

Blosson is the nicest girl on the team; however, she still has a strong desire to fight crime! Blossom`s main colour is pink! She pretty much looks similar to Bubbles, but styles her hair differently.

In order to dress up as the in a Powerpuff Girls` Bubbles costume, you must:

-Wear a vibrant pink dress that is loose on the hips. You can choose one that has thick straps, thin straps, or even strapless!

-Use a black belt to hold the dress close to your waist. Tighten the belt around your waist.

-Get a pair of black flats. Make sure that they are comfortable...people tend to do a ton of walking on Halloween!

-Wear a pair of bright white stockings or leggings. In addition to them being an important part of each Powerpuff Girl`s costume, they will keep your legs warm on chilly Halloween nights!

-Wear an orange wig (or real hair if you are a redhead), and tie it up in a ponytail. Blossom has long hair, so you should try to get a wig that has hair that goes down to your waist!

Dressing Up In A Buttercup Halloween Costume To Go Trick Or Treating

I know what you`re thinking...wearing a Buttercup Powerpuff Girl costume is probably the same as the other two. And to be honest with you, you`re completely right! The essential difference is the colour of the dress, and the way that each Powerpuff Girl styles her hair!

So, to make a do-it-yourself Powerpuff Girl costume in the form of Buttercup, simply:

-Wear an island green dress with a thick black belt. The dress should be relatively loose, and the belt should hold everything together!

-Pair up your favourite pair of flat shoes with some white stockings, and you will look exactly like Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls!

The Costumes Are All Similar

The amazing thing about the three Powerpuff Girl costumes that I am discussing is that they are all similar in most ways, and only contain subtle differences. This means that you can dress up as a different Powerpuff girl next Halloween while using some of the same costume accessories!

At the end of the day, whether you are making do-it-yourself Powerpuff Girls` costumes or buying them from your local Halloween store, they will always look relatively similar. The main thing that will differentiate Blossom from Buttercup from Bubbles is the attitude that you portray.

Dressing up in a costume will only take you so far; you have to act like the character to really portray them!

This article demonstrates the 3 different Powerpuff Girl costumes that you can wear on Halloween; use these tips effectively, and everyone will know that you are dressing up as your favourite Nickelodeon character!