YouTube has been the source of some amazing guitar playing talent I have ever heard. YouTube is not just Justin Beiber. There are dozens of incredible guitar players who need to be recognized for the work they do. Some of these players are gifted children who just "have it" in their blood. I invite you to check out these players and hear for yourself the amazing sounds they create. These videos mostly focus on non-shredders and kids because there is more to music than a bunch of fast played scales.

Andy McKee

Your jaw will drop after you hear Any McKee and his song "drifting." Over 42 Million hits on this song and it's for good reason. Andy is one of the most gifted acoustic guitar players in the world and he deserves credit for this amazing and moving song. He has many other acoustic songs that will leave you speechless. This is one song you just have to hear to believe. This goes beyond any shredding and is pure beauty.

Drifting - Andy McKee

Quinn Sullivan With Buddy Guy

Quinn Sullivan is twelve now but this was when he was EIGHT. He is playing with the blues guitar legend Buddy Guy. This is utterly amazing for a child to have the blues like this young man does. He play with energy, passion, and he rips it up like any good blues player. He is rough in spots but he is eight! Just amazing playing for someone so young. Let it roll Quinn, let it roll!

Proof Music Come From the Soul

This man is disabled and he's playing the guitar with his FEET. Not only is he playing with his feet but he sounds amazing. This is proof that music comes from your soul and you just have to let it out and go with the feeling.  I love this video and all guitar players should see it, especially if your struggling on your instrument.

Guitar With Feet

7 year Old Plays Metallica

This is pretty amazing. Not that this is hard song by any means but this kid is seven and she plays the solo too, you have to love it. Some people are born with the tatent in their blood. She does other songs too and nails all of them.

Little Metal Girl

7 year Old Plays Hendrix

I love Jimi Hendrix and here is seven year old Tallan Latz ripping up the song. That strat is bigger than him but he's got control of it and the Hendrix tune. It's not perfect but he does a good job for a seven year old and its fun to watch him burn it up. Jimi would smile at this kid.

7 Year Old Voodoo Man

Acoustic Master

Now this is nice. Somehow this 15 year old makes his guitar sound like a bass and a guitar at the same time. It's not for everyone but he's got some amazing talent in his fingers. Nice funky sound he's got going on. Might make you want to put down your own guitar and take up knitting. Crazy good sounds for someone so young.

Let The Funk Out

Come Togther Right Now

Here's a kid playing the Beatles classic Come Toogether and he owns the songs like a master. Is there something in the water I don't know about? This is a nice version on acoustic. There's a lot of talent out there is you look for it and it's MILES above anything you'll hear on mainstream radio.

Kid Beatle

Zoe Plays Stratosphere by Stratovarius

Now I am not much into speed guitar, it's been done to death but just listen to eight-year old Zoe. Her fingers shouldn't even be strong enough to play something like this, let alone shred it to death.  It's mind boggling what she is doing, absolutely stunning.

A Little Suzie Q

Another talented kid at the ripe old age of seven ripping up a classic song and singing too. Makes you smile to see these kids. These videos show that there is amazing talent out there, that isn't all shredding. These kids are just amazing and they all have feeling. There is hope for music yet, Suzie Q.

7 Year Old Singing Too