PlayerCredit: javrsmithYouTube is an amazing repository of video clips. Over the years, people have captured, or created, various works of art. These are now available, free, on the largest video storage location ever constructed. Each day, millions of minutes of footage is uploaded. Millions of people watch these. All of it happens just to deliver a few advertisements to people.

The first amazing clip highlighed is a young man playing his guitar. He tells that the song, which he composed, reflects his experience at Harvard. In the beginning, the melody is quite strained. He doesn't sound like he can play at all. Shortly, however, it gets better. Eventually, the man's talent is very evident and he captivates the audience. The clip finishes with him getting a rousing ovation from the appreciative people. This video managed to gather over 13 million views. It is fairly poorly filmed at a talent show. The acoutics are barely adequate. The viewers have recognized pure talent here!

Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser - 2 Cellos

The next video shows a pair of amazing cello players, Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser. They are dressed as they might appear several hundred years ago when the cello was newly invented. The audience is similarly dressed. The two men come out to an ordinary stage and start playing an interesting melody. It sounds absolutely authentic for the period. It is very obvious that the cello players are very talented.

The instrumental piece continues and the tempo keeps getting faster. The talent of the players is clearly evident as they keep up with each other. As the song plays, it seems to become more familiar to a modern listener. In time, you are able to recognize that the tune is actually the rock hit "Thunderstruck" by AD/DC. The hard hitting melody, ordinarily played with electric guitars and drums, is reproduced on two cellos. It is quite a show by the two men.

The audience, playing the role of a 17th century one, is definitely not amused. Their reaction to the modern rock anthem is one of disbelief. Clearly nothing like AC/DC was played back in those olden times. The two men with their cellos prove that "Thunderstruck" could have been accomplished even three hundred years ago. This video is recommended for rock music fans and has been seen already by well over 20 million viewers.

Funny Cats and Kittens

The next clip is a compilation of shots featuring kittens. People love their pets and feature them in many hours of footage. Sometimes they record quite amazing sequences while using their cameras. Most every type of pet is featured on the Internet. There are dogs, cats, horses, and, of course, kittens, that are featured in may unloaded content. This video has been watched nearly eight million times. It features kittens, (and cats), performing many hilarious antics. One cat is swimming. One drops fast asleep. Another can't jump. Yet another wants to get a drink of water. They are watching television, interacting with other animals, and much more. Most everyone will find a bit here that they will find entertaining, even if they are not particularly devoted to felines.

Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style, by Psy, is quite amazing in that it has been viewed more than any other clip. Well over two billion views have been played in just over two years. This is over a quarter of the Earth's population. Of course it is a fact that many people have viewed Gangnam Style many times, but the number of individuals to have viewed it must be very high.

Even though it is sung in the Korean language, many people around the world have memorized the lyrics. The distinctive sound, expressions, and dancing action, has elevated this work into a popular crowd favorite. It joins such other dance recordings as "YMCA", "Macarena" and the "Chicken Dance", as party and wedding favorites.

Psy exploded on the world stage with this piece. His earler work was interesting but it never approached the popularity of his major hit. Finally, Gangnam Style was presented as the first track of Psy's sixth album. No other performer has done as well either. This song has been parodied, or covered faithfully, by many other artists since it was released. Some of those recordings have also been seen many millions of times. An alternate version by Psy has been seen nearly 500 million times. Another version, released with alternate images, has amassed over 250 million views.

Like Him or Not, Justin Bieber

The last video is proof of the popularity of certain modern entertainers. It features a song performed by the young Justin Bieber. Despite the negative impressions that some may have regarding his life, the song has been viewed well over one billion times. As a result, it has become something of a modern anthem for young people.

Fame came quickly for Justin Bieber, of course, with many millions of young people worldwide. The lifestyle tended to overpower the young star. His famous run-ins with media, fans, and even law enforcement, have been widely publicized. On the world stage for over seven years, the twenty year old superstar has had to contend with a great deal. He started from a position of obscurity but was discovered through his published video work. Time will tell how Justin reacts to the continued attention, and whether he can maintain his enormous popularity now that he has reached his twenties.

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