If you have read about affiliate marketing before then you should be well aware that Amazon Associates is one of the top programs to sign up for. Amazon is an authority site. If people want to products online then they are bound to visit Amazon at some point. There is a good reason for this. Amazon has a very concrete reputation as a trustworthy seller. They only accept product vendors who can prove that they are genuine. They also have great guarantees. They provide new products if the one delivered turns out to be poor. This article examines how you can succeed using Amazon Associates.

#1 Research
Research is the most important stage when it comes to affiliate marketing. You want to choose the right product. If you don't then you are not going to get any sales commission. Obviously, you want to go for products which are selling really well like digital cameras and mobile phones however you will later find out why this is not always the best route forward.

Think of it this way. Thousands of internet marketers are probably in the same mindset as you. They want to aim for the best selling product. They want to earn as much money as they can. If you want to get ahead of the pack then you have to think differently. Instead, aim for obscure products which get decent sales from time to time. For example, I made a website about a product which is #1500 in the best selling category. This means the product is not that popular among the general crowd, but it is useful for a crowd focused on a certain niche. In the end, I earned over $50 a month with that niche. It may not seem much but if you have fifty or so websites which perform just as well then you are well on your way in earning over a $1000 a month.

#2 Website layout
It is pretty obvious that people will only buy from websites which looks professional. They may purchase it from the odd website here and then but if you really want a high conversion rate then you need to go for the web 2.0 look. If you use content management systems like Wordpress then you have access to thousands of free themes which can achieve this goal for you.

#3 Review
This is probably the most difficult part of affiliate marketing. How do you convince the customer to purchase the product? You need to make the review as realistic as possible. This means you need as much criticism as praises. If you have a review which goes overboard with praises then customers will become a little skeptical. Reviews are there to balance out both sides of the argument. Customers get enough praises from the official websites of products. If you were to write an article then it should go in the following order: introduction, features, pros, cons, and conclusion. You should also add a few decent images to brighten up the whole review.

As you can see, affiliate marketing is not an easy task. The best way forward is to read about the experiences of other affiliate marketers who have succeeded. These marketers are making a killing. There are tons of opportunities out there and it is up to you to make the most of them. Who can you check out? Big names like John Chow, John Cho, Joel Comm, Jonathan Volke, and Shoemoney are great places to start off with.