Few of us alive today remember when having a color TV in your home made you the envy of the neighborhood but it was only 60 years ago when that was still the case.  The high cost of a color TV made it difficult for the average family to afford the purchase not to mention that a majority of the programs available were still in black and white.  We’ve made tremendous progress since those days when TV first became mainstream and now we can watch high definition, color TV, any time, in the comfort of our own homes and there are two products available that make it possible to watch TV on your time, but which one is the best for you?

Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon Fire is a small box that connects to any HD TV and gives you access to a variety of programming for viewing in the comfort of your own home. Amazon Fire enables you to access a wide variety of programming on your schedule including broadcast TV programming, various movies, Netflix, Hulu, sports programming, music feeds, HD photo viewing and video games.  No matter what your preference you will find viewing options with their wide selection of programming choices.  

The control box comes with a remote control allowing you the convenience of managing your viewing preferences without having to leave the comfort of your favorite recliner or sofa without having to move.  This is easy to set up with one simple connection to your TV and then wireless capability to access your wireless internet.  This product is built for speed with quick search results and immediate start for video.  You will never have to wait for video to buffer with the high tech capabilities of the Amazon Fire and the processing power packed into this small box.

Amazon Fire vs Roku
Amazon Fire TV
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(price as of Jun 11, 2014)

Roku TV

The Roku provides another option to have TV anytime your way.  The Roku also comes with a control box that you connect to your TV and a remote control for convenient use.  When you use the Roku you will have access to programming provided from Netflix, Hulu, M-GO, and Amazon video or Redbox.  There is even an option to access your cable TV programs if you have a subscription for those services allowing you to manage all your viewing options from one control box.  There is, of course, a remote control so that you do not have to disturb your partner to ask them to change the programming channel.  

The Roku can be easily set up by anyone in your family by plugging in the unit and connecting it to your TV.  You can connect to the internet via your wireless network or using an Ethernet connection which is available on the Roku 3. The Roku is designed for speed and provides quick response times as you surf through the channels and your video is available immediately when you make your selection.  Additionally, with the flexibility of the Roku you can control the unit with either a table or even your smartphone. 

Roku 3 Streaming Media Player
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(price as of Jun 11, 2014)

Amazon Fire vs Roku what to choose?

When you are trying to select the best choice for your viewing purposes you need to look at all each system has to offer.  The first thing to consider when making your choice is the user interface for both units.  But the Amazon Fire and Roku both have controllers that are similar to each other so there are not a lot of differences to compare.  

Secondly, you will want to look at the viewing interface and how it is arranged and presents the offerings for both systems.  For the Roku you will find that it has primarily streaming video selections with channels dedicated for viewing digital pictures, listening to music and online gaming.  The Amazon Fire has more apps available for pictures, music and gaming but does not have the same selection of streaming video that the Roku has available.

Third, to make a true choice you need to look at the available programs.  Here is where the Amazon Fire steps ahead with the option to view IMDB content and Amazon prime videos.  To sweeten the deal Amazon Fire users are offered special deals on other Amazon product and services like the Amazon Kindle books and other specials with Amazon shopping not to mention that the Amazon Fire integrates seamlessly with other Amazon products on the market.

In conclusion, the Amazon Fire vs Roku comparison shows two great options for video, movies, gaming and even pictures that will provide hours of entertainment for you and your family.

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