Seriously, Amazon Gift Cards are the Best

Use The Magic Gift Card Anywhere

Amazon gift cards are fantastic. They are perhaps the greatest thing to happen since sliced bread. Here is why: When you have no clue what to get someone, you can give them an Amazon gift card and they will always be happy. You see, Amazon gift cards are very different from normal gift cards. People might be wondering where they can use their gift card, and the answer is on any single product sells.

Which means millions of various products of all different types.

With a normal certificate like these, you are usually restricted to just one store or a venue that sells a very specific set of items. A store maybe like Old Navy or GAP or Best Buy etc. Unless you know the person absoloutely loves those stores or needs something from there, why even take the risk? You can buy Old Navy, GAP or anything Best Buy sales through the Amazon shopping portal.

It is just too damn easy. And it is simple.

Another benefit of going this route versus the traditional ceritificate gifting routes is the no expiration date. A lot of certificates will trick you, if you do not use them quickly enough you will find that you have a zero balance left on the card. This is even if you never used it once! New laws have passed making this illegal, but it still happens in smaller even more subtle ways.

Amazon gift cards never expire. That is right, they will never expire, go bad on you or become useless until you actually spend everything you have on them.

The other thing you got going on is customization. Due to the website's gigantic portal of millions of different items, you can customize the present for any occassion. Get a red decorated card with hearts on it for Valentines, a jolly fat Santa Claus for Christmas, or cartoon candles for a special someone's birthday.

No matter how close you are or how little you know the person you giving the present to, these certificates just work. I can honestly say I have never met anyone who had no interest in any items on Amazon. Even if they did not realize it, the things they have bought and love probably are also sold on Amazon - albeit probably for cheaper.

As the holidays roll around, cut the cost of driving all over town and using up your precious gas. Instead, give them something that they will be able to spend on whatever their heart's truly desire. If you are like me, you will have found the perfect solution when it comes to gift giving. Especially for people you only kind of know - which as it happens a lot of my friends are in that category.

To summarize, Amazon gift cards never expire - so they will not go bad on you regardless how long they sit gathering dust. They can be redeemed for any product on or - and can be purchased in various increments from$50 up to $150 bucks per an Amazon gift card. You can also customize them for any occassion and any holiday making them match perfectly with the present-giving event. It really is a win-win with the amount of time and potentially gas money you can save by going the Amazon gift card route.