Is The Amazon Homepage Too Confusing To Navigate? is one of America's leading online merchants.  A well trusted brand, ships to hundreds of thousands of consumers daily.  When a customer types in in the web browser or type in "Amazon homepage" in the search engine, they know that they want to deal with a reputable source of goods and services. It is a great experience to shop for goods and items online in the safety and comfort of your own home or office. However, is the Amazon homepage user-friendly?

On the Amazon Homepage the tabs and navigation links are clearly marked and easy to find.  You can quickly search from thousands of items and sort them within seconds.  So yes, the Amazon homepage search engine is definitely user-friendly.  The problem comes in when you visit again and the Amazon homepage is cluttered with most, if not all of the items you searched for during your last visit.  It gets confusing and distracting. Not to mention, it pulls me away from the current reason for logging into the homepage by dragging you into links from your past searches. Wise marketing tactic for Amazon but not so warm and fuzzy for the consumer.

Amazon Homepage

On the Amazon homepage if you are returning sometimes you will see the following:

  1. More Items to Consider
  2. Recommended Based on Your Browsing History
  3. Related to Items You've Viewed
  4. Inspired by Your Browsing History
  5. Additional Items to Explore

All of these categories are filled with products from your most recent visits. This can get jumbled, distracting and if you are running short on time-annoying. 

Amazon Homepage(64237) has however provided a solution for that. You do not have to clear cache and delete your cookies in order to view the Amazon homepage clutter free.  Even though the instructions are right online, many people miss it because Amazon homepage can get so cluttered with items from previous visits.  Here are some simple instructions to help you:

  1. In any of the above mentioned sections click on the "Manage Your Browsing History" tab.
  2. Then do one of the following:
  • Clear Browsing History (This clears it only for that day's visit)
  • Turn Off Your Browsing History (This turns it off so that you are not bothered by it any other visit to the Amazon homepage)

You should have a fresh, clean Amazon homepage after that so that you can browse without clutter and distractions.


You can get to the Amazon Homepage  here.