What is a Kindle Fire

I've had the opportunity to look at the Amazon Kindle Fire for a couple of days now, and overall, I believe that it's an excellent addition to the kindle line. Once you take into account the price of the Kindle Fire, and consider what it comes with and what it was designed to do, you will discover that it is a great value for the money.

The Kindle Fire isn't created to be a pc tablet such as the apple iPad, so if you're searching for an alternative to the iPad tablet then this isn't the product for you. Instead, the key function of this piece of equipment is to deliver Amazon content material to you and allow you to surf the web more efficiently. The cheapest iPad starts at around $500.00 for the bottom of the line introductory model while the Kindle fire is only $199 making it a great buy for the money. The main reason it's so inexpensive is mainly because Amazon.com is taking a loss on it. They're hopeful of making up for the loss by selling lots of movies, songs, publications, and apps through Amazon's Web Services.

Amazon Kindle Fire(104850)Credit: intelfreepress

Amazon Kindle Fire

Fire comes with eight gigs of memory, a dual core processor, and it includes some terrific features including the reader app that works flawlessly, the app store which is fun and easy to use, videos are easy to watch on the seven-inch screen, and the product is fast, simple and really easy to use. The Wi-Fi was really quick when connecting to the Amazon servers and internet websites using Fires web browser called silk. A few websites did seem to be a little slow although not enough to be considered a problem. Saving and being able to access information with Amazon Cloud is yet another smooth and easy process.

One of the few bad things about the Kindle fire is that it has a limited number of ports restricting what you can add to it. This is because Amazon wants you to use their services instead of adding your own content. There is no sd card slot, no HDMI or bluetooth, there is just a headphone port and a micro usb port. You can add a micro USB to HDMI connector if you need to hook it up to a HDMI port. If you are already using Amazon services such as prime than this is more of an inconvenience then a problem.

Physically the Amazon Kindle Fire weighs 14.6 ounces, or just under a pound. Its dimensions are 7.5 long by 4.7 inches wide and .45 inches, or basically a half-inch thick. It can get a little heavy while reading or watching a movie for long periods of time. The glass screen is really heavy-duty and it highly unlikely that you will break it. The volume is about the same as a smart phone, not the best in the world, but not that bad either.

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Amazon Kindle Fire

The battery life is a bit short when compared to other kindles. With other kindles the battery life is a month or two between charges, however with the Fire battery life is closer to just eight hours long. This is average when compared to other tablet pc’s, so it really isn’t that big of a deal. As long as you remember to plug the Kindle Fire in during the night then it should not be a problem.

Amazon Kindle Fire makes it extremely simple to watch movies, Television shows, read magazines and books from Amazon.com and the best part is that most of these things will cost nothing if you are using Prime. The display screen is wonderful, plus the general look and feel of the operating system is user-friendly.

Is the Amazon Kindle Fire the greatest tablet on the planet? Certainly not, but when considering to what it is and does, for the cost it's really a reliable product that you are sure to be very happy with.