What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a membership service which provides you free two-day shipping on Amazon Products. You will also be able to get items next-day shipped for $3.99 an item. Amazon Prime is great because they have a lot of products for cheaper than they are in stores. Amazon has great prices on books, electronics, diapers and so much more. They sell pretty much everything you can think about buying. Amazon Prime normally costs $79 per year, but there are several ways to get it for free. 

Why is Amazon Prime Great? 

Amazon Prime is great because it is so convenient! You can buy your groceries, household products, baby products, books and media on Amazon and have it shipped to your door within two days. You get great prices, without wasting your time and gas money shopping at a normal store. Also, if you do all your Christmas shopping on Amazon, think about how much money you will save on shipping fees at that time of year. 

 Amazon Prime members also have access to instant videos. Your Amazon Prime membership could replace your Netflix membership! Prime instant video access entitles you to stream an unlimited amount of the over 5000 movies and TV shows they have available. 

How can I get Amazon Prime for Free?

Amazon Prime Free Trial

You can get Amazon Prime for free for a month by signing up for their free trial service. As with all Prime memberships, you can share this with four other members of your household. You can ship purchases to your house, or to other addresses for free. You will have to give your credit card. Immediately after signing up for your free trial, you can select the do not auto-renew option in your account and your card won't be charged. 

Amazon Mom

There are two other options to get Amazon for free other than the free trial membership. If you are a Mom or any other caregiver you can get a free three-month Amazon Mom membership. This comes with all the benefits of Amazon Prime, and you also receive extra discounts in the Amazon Baby store. One of the discounts is 30% off wipes and diapers when you buy them with the subscribe and save option. You receive an extra month of membership free for every purchase over $25 made in the Amazon baby store. You can share your Prime benefits with one other person (they don't have to be in your household).  

Amazon Student

You can get a free one year Amazon Student membership by providing an official school email address. This will enable you to get free 2 day shipping on all your textbook purchases, and any other school related purchases! This is a great way to save money as a student, and many of the textbooks are cheaper than they are at University bookstores. 

I hope you are now convinced on how Amazon Prime is convenient, saves you money and you can try it for free!