The best shopping apps

Amazon apps, barcode scanner app, saving money with coupons apps, grocery apps and price checking apps are all different types of shopping apps available for download on mobile devices. As with all types of mobile apps there are great shopping apps, there are some good shopping apps and there are useless shopping apps. With so many different shopping apps available it can be difficult to know which ones are worth downloading and which ones you need to ignore.

I have downloaded a few shopping apps in the past, although I have barely scraped the surface and
there are many I have yet to experience. However, amongst the shopping apps I have downloaded I have found some real gems that are very useful, in addition I have also found some useless  shopping apps that do nothing but take up memory space. So, what are some shopping apps worthy of mention I hear you ask?

Amazon Mobile and Amazon Price Checker (Amazon Apps)

Amazon is one of the best, if not the best shopping website around. If you’re looking for a
particular product Amazon will sell it and if Amazon don’t have the product listed it would have been discontinued. Amazon, the best shopping website ever, has released two excellent shopping apps for the iphone, which is Amazon Mobile and Amazon Price Check, which I will now refer to as the Amazon apps.

As you’d expect the Amazon apps allows you to browse the online store, so nothing special there
then. The great thing about the Amazon apps is the way they let you browse for products. With Amazon Mobile you can search for products by entering text, scanning a barcode or by picture using the Amazon apps remember feature. This shopping app also gives you access to most of your Amazon account features, which is pretty cool.

With Amazon Price Check you can search for products in the same way as with Amazon Mobile,
however you can also search by voice although this can be a bit hit or miss. Amazon Price Checker is a more “light weight” app and is for checking prices, hence the name, rather than a full on Amazon shopping experience on your mobile.

The Amazon apps are fantastic shopping apps that are going to be very useful over the festive
period. With the Amazon apps you can either do a full online shop or you can use them to compare prices when you are at local stores and see if the store will price match, hence saving you a bit of cash which is always nice. Another great thing about the Amazon apps is that they are totally free.

Red Laser (barcode scanner app)

Red Laser is a barcode scanner app that is another must have shopping app for mobiles. Red Laser is a simple shopping app that is nothing more than a barcode scanner app that you scan product barcodes in to and then let the software find the cheapest deals on the internet. The Amazon apps do the same thing but where the Amazon apps will only search Amazon Red Laser goes that bit further and searched the entire internet.

Products are not always cheaper on Amazon and there are times when you can make a saving by
purchasing a product from another site. If you only had the Amazon apps you would not get the cheapest price, however if you had Red Laser barcode scanner app as well as the Amazon apps you would be shown the cheapest prices.

Like the Amazon apps, Red Laser is also free so it makes sense to download it to your mobile before
you go shopping.

Coupon Sherpa app (Saving money with coupons)

Do you like saving money with coupons? What sort of question is that I hear you ask, of course we
all like saving money with coupons, and that’s what this shopping app is used for. Coupon Sherpa sends money saving coupons directly to your mobile device, provided there are some current coupons to be had of course. All you have to do is search for coupons related to the store you are buying the product from and if there are any you can download them and use them at the checkout to save you money.

Coupon Sherpa comes in to its own when you are in the store and don’t have any coupons with you.
Coupon Sherpa can be a bit hit or miss and there won’t always be coupons for the store you are buying from, but there is no overcoming this.

Coupon Sherpa is another free shopping app and whilst saving money with coupons is not always
possible it is an app that is well worth having on your mobile. After all, missing a money saving coupon is annoying, especially when it is because you can’t be bothered to download a free shopping app.


When I go shopping I like to get in, buy what I need and get out as quickly as possible. I don’t
like shopping, I don’t like the hustle and bustle and I don’t like doing battle with other shoppers. Not being able to find stores in malls really annoys me and makes a bad shopping trip worse. Fortunately, Fastmall is a shopping app that stops this from happening.

Fastmall is a shopping app that is designed to help you find your way around shopping malls. Fastmall has maps of loads of malls and all you need to do is download the map of the one you plan to shop in and you will be navigated around it. Need to find a specific store? Tap it in to Fastmall and you will be guided straight there. Fastmall can even assist you with your parking, which is  another nice feature.

Fastmall is another free shopping append is well worth adding to your mobile apps, especially if
you are intending on doing all of your shopping in malls.

The final word........

In this economic climate where money is tight we are all looking at ways to make our money go
further and shopping these shopping apps are useful tools to save a bit of cash. The best shopping apps have to be the Amazon apps, a barcode scanner app and savings money with coupons app.

There are no alternatives to the Amazon apps and Amazon Mobile and Amazon Price Checker are
the only ones to down load. There are alternatives to Red Laser and Coupon Sherpa however these two different shopping apps are very good and well worth a look.