In my affiliate marketing venture I am using both Amazon's Associate Program and ClickBank, and I have often wondered which is better. It really boils down to six of one, half a dozen of another.

As far as commissions go, Amazon pays 4% (depending on your setup and the products you are selling, but the maximum is 15%), whereas ClickBank products pay up to 75% in commissions. With that in mind it would make sense that ClickBank has such a large appeal to the affiliate marketer. What we do need to consider are the goods that are being sold together with reputation. Amazon has a good name and so people are more likely to shop there. With ClickBank (although I am not saying they have a bad name, they are quite trusted), the products listed are by individuals who may or may not have the same reputation. When a person goes to a product on ClickBank they are presented with a sales page that often looks exactly like all the other internet marketing sites with promises of this, that and the other. The problem is that some of these products are incredible, whilst others are utter trash. I recently found an eBook online with Master Resale Rights for free. After I read it I didn't consider it to very good at all, but when I did a search to find out what other people are doing with it, I found a typical sales page selling it for $97. Unfortunately you only know what value you are getting after you have paid, and although some of those sales pages are actually selling good quality products and services, people are skeptical by nature and tend to be rather untrustworthy.

But if you are an affiliate and internet marketer, and you have a website, you can also join CB Globe which gives you a fully searchable portal to all 10,000+ goods being sold on ClickBank. Now how does this compare to Amazon? Simple, Amazon provide each Associate ID with up to 100 aStores where you can add individual products of your choice or select an entire category. Again, there is a but. Considering the high reputation of, what is the likelihood of people clicking through to your aStore before going directly to itself?

So which is better? Neither. They both have their pros and cons and success all depends on how well you play the game.