Yellow bedroom colors are less common. It's a cheerful color that may be more suited to a dining room or kitchen. This has a lot to do with the fact that it can be too energizing. Plus, yellow paint always seems brighter on the wall then it does on the paint chip. Here are some tips and tricks for decorating with your favorite golden tones in a bedroom.

Depending on whom you ask amber is a shade of orange, brown or yellow. It's a warm color that almost seems to glow. So it might be better suited for a bedroom instead a bright yellow. You can even just bring it onto your furniture with wood tones instead of going all out on the walls. It's also a popular color on lampshades and chandeliers because it gives off a soft light. You can layer different colors of gold and amber sheets on the bed to give solid colors more presence.Yellow BedroomsCredit: Free Range Stock

Tone down your lighting. You might want to use a lot of up lighting and lamps with mustard walls. This should help tone things down and set the mood so the paint won't be so in your face. You'll also find that when you are picking out the paint you really need to test it out in the room. Sure, this is true of all colors but it's vital for yellow tones because you never know what you are going to get. Some paint stores even offer larger sticker swatches so you can try out a variety of shades. Even then you'll want to go a lot "safer" then you think you need because it will still look bolder on the wall. Even taupes with just a touch of gold in them will look bright on the wall. So before you paint the entire room test it out, and then test it out again.Yellow BedroomCredit: Free Range Stock

If elegance is your thing then go with a gold bedroom instead of a yellow bedroom. No, I'm not just saying gold and just meaning a weird shade of yellow. Use actual gold. Of course, metallic gold paint might be overkill. Plus, it would be insanely expensive and probably wouldn't look like real gold on the walls. Start out with a neutral color. For a more dramatic look use a deep burgundy, purple or cocoa. If you want the space to seem airy and effortless then go with a lighter neutral. If you have a tray ceiling, show it off. If you are really dedicated you can gold leaf the entire interior of it. If this is too much work then just try out the gold leafing project on an oversized piece of artwork. Accessorize with vintage hand mirrors or old clocks. (No they don't all have to be running at the same time).

If you want a Tuscan bedroom design then mustard yellow and red is the way to go. If you have a small room then start off with your neutral paint colors again. You can even try a green with a lot of gray in it. Then bring in over the top opulent bedding. I'm talking velvet, embroidery, tassels and beading on tons of throw pillows. This will turn your bed into the focal point of the whole space while still keeping it sophisticated.

One way to tone down yellow is to make it look a little worn. You can even do this with damask wallpaper. If it's tone on tone it will appear faded and won't jump out at you. Continue the theme with worn wood floors and an old iron bed. You want to counteract this with crisp white bedding so the room feels modern instead of dingy. You can even bring in mirrored nightstands if you want that touch of Hollywood glamour. Then you can paint the rest of your furniture with a distressed cream finish. This room will seem country, romantic and traditional all at the same time.

So what color goes with yellow? Blue and yellow seem to be a classic country combination but it might be overpowering or too cutesy for a bedroom. Black goes with everything right? Sure there are some black and yellow rooms that are successful. No matter how well you execute it someone will always comment on it being like a bumble bee. A few years ago yellow and taupe really seemed to make a splash on the design scheme. Pairing yellows with neutrals tones it down while still allowing it to be the star. You don't really need a lot of yellow in a room to make a big impact because it's such a strong color. You might just want to hang yellow curtains on the wall and then tie it into your bedroom with a pillow that looks like it's made from buttercup colored flower petals.

Yellow also seems to really have a place in southwest design. This may be because it highlights the worn pine Santa Fe style furniture so well. It's a cheerful color that can remind you of sunshine. Let lots of light pour into your room so you can really connect with your inspiration piece. You can also make a huge impact by adding a few turquoise accessories or sheet sets. Depending on the patterns you choose this could be perfect for either a master bedroom or a teen's room. You might want to try this color in a guest room because it's somewhat neutral. Plus, if you don't like it, you really don't have to live in it. You can also work it into a Shabby Chic design. Start off with rose patterned curtains in a cream background and paint the walls a cream. The color should be so light that it almost looks white but just has that touch of sunshine in it.

A successful yellow bedroom can be difficult to accomplish. However, you'll probably feel and look like a decorating expert when you finally pull it off. It may take a few different paint jobs to get the exact color you're after, but it's worth it in the end.