Today, Amcor air conditioners have a reputation for being the most sought after portable air conditioners manufactured. One reason why Amcor air conditioners became the popular portable air conditioner of choice is because of its self contained feature. This means that they don’t need to be drained, because each unit deals with the water byproduct internally. What adds to their numerous consumers is the fact that their products are space efficient and portable. Their product line is also known as “indoor environmentalist”, cleaning indoor air as it operates, making the air cleaner for its users.  

For over 50 years, Amcor air conditioners reigned in the portable air conditioner market. These pioneers of air purification sadly went out of business and ceased operations in 2009 although their products, remnants of their grandeur, can still be found in the market today. Amcor wasn’t always labeled as Amcor. Their air conditioners were distributed through different famous brands. It was only in the year 2000 that they started to label their air conditioners as Amcor. 

Why people buy Amcor

For those wanting to cool a small area, Amcor’s air conditioners are the most cost effective choice. They save space because of their size and because Amcor’s designs are sleek you don’t have to worry about the physical appearance once placed in your room. Unlike built in air conditioners, one does not have to pay extra and worry on the installation. And because they are portable, an individual has the option to move it around wherever he sees fit. Amcor can be brought to offices and different rooms that need cool air. As stated above, the self contained feature is also one of the reasons why customers buy Amcor air conditioners. They do not have to gear for the hassle of draining water. Air purification is also a feature Amcor possesses; they have advance filters that can trap 99.97% potentially harmful particles making the space your family occupies environmentally safe.    

Different models

Amcor has four basic models in their product line. These are the PLM series, AL series, Ductless Mini Splits and the Namo Max Series.

The PLM series deals more on the exterior design of these air conditioners. It is composed of sleek and elegant plasma designed units that go well with other flat screened products in your home. 

 The AL Series on the other hand were made for customers who wanted something unique. The special feature that the AL Series possesses is that it uses evaporative cooling which improves the overall efficiency of the unit.

Ductless Mini Splits was made to consume less energy with the inverter technology that constantly affects the output, using less electricity. If you don’t want a high electricity bill, this type of model is for you.

Last but not the least is the Nano Max Series. This model is the most compact among other series. It also takes minimal space. Amcor patented the Auto Drain Nano Mist technology in this series. This process vaporizes excess fluid and eliminates any build up which saves you the time and effort to drain water properly.

Depending on the model, Amcor air conditioners can range from 200 to 500 dollars. They can be bought online. It is rare to find one in your local home stores. American Comfort Worldwide who bought the last of stocks of Amcor may still have them today. Their contact can be found as you read on.


Because of Amcor air conditioners’ size. They have limited capability of cooling larger rooms. When forced to work in these spaces, they may overheat. This is because the air in your room where the Amcor air conditioner unit can be found can’t be circulated fully. Also, one thing people complain about Amcor air conditioners are the parts. Because Amcor does not exist anymore people having these air conditioners with defects find it hard to find parts that need to be replaced. But their units are being serviced for a fee by the company American Comfort Worldwide, which is also the company who bought their remaining inventory when they went out of business. American Comfort Worldwide can be contacted with this number 1-877-645-0299.  

Amcor air conditioners’ contribution to the advancement of air manipulation products have led to more innovations of other cooling systems. Amcor air conditioners may be leaving the market but the remaining units have proven their glory over the years. It is unfortunate that this trusted brand has ceased to exist. Still, they are always worth the interest and the price for the average person wanting extra cooling.