For many mothers that are breast-feeding, the time will come when they will be away from their baby for an extended amount of time and won't be available to breast-feed. Whether is being away due to work or getting a well deserved break by enjoying a night out, there are many different options available for pumping breast milk.

There are the options of manually expressing, non-electric manual pumps and battery operated mini-electric pumps. These options can be no or low-cost and convenient if the amout of time that mothers are going to be away from their baby is limited. The reasoning for this is because these options can take longer to express breast milk and can only be done one breast at a time.

For mothers that will be away from their baby more frequently and want to continue to provide breast milk while they are away, a professional electric breast pump would be the best choice. The purpose of pumping is that the pump stimulates the baby's sucking motion so that the milk will let down. An electric breast pump gives the best power to stimulate the sucking motion and most often, both breasts can be pumped at the same time. Typically in less than 20 minutes both breasts will be empty.

Ameda is a company that has been offering electric breast pumps for over a half a century. They offer great electric pumps that are convenient, comfortable and efficient. One of their newest products is Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump with CustomFit Flanges. This pump allows mothers to individualize the speed and fit of the flanges so that they can get the best results. The speed can be adjusted to mimic their babies sucking pattern and the three choices of flanges sizes permits the best comfort and milk flow. It also comes in a discrete chic suede and faux leather carrying case that looks like a larger sized pocket book that fits the pump and cooler bag to store the milk. Another great feature is the car adapter. If ever in a bind where an electrical outlet is not available the car adapter can be used.

Another great Ameda electric breast pump is the Purley Yours Breast Pump. The wonderful thing about this pump is Ameda offers three different purchasing options. You can buy it alone for approximately $149, with a carrying tote for $149 or with a back pack for $229. The pumps weigh about five pounds and have the same amount of settings and speeds.

All of the Ameda pumps are DEHP and BPA free and their tubes are designed in a way that milk cannot get into them when pumping. These are great bonuses for better safety for babies and less cleaning for moms. They can be a lower cost option than the other electric breast pumps that are out there and are highly rated as one of the best.