The United States education system is at an all time low. Amongst other countries the United States falls well below other developed nations all around the world. But there is something unknown to the general public that prevents the United States from falling too far below in the rankings. StreamlineInfo wants to reveal the secret weapon known as the H1-B Genius Visa!

America has the worst educational system known to science. America’s education competes against third world countries. So why has the education system not collapse when we are producing dummies at a increasing rate? How come the scientific establishment has not collapsed? Some of you may not know this, America has a secret weapon. That secret weapon is called the H1-B Genius Visa. The scientific establishment of this country would collapse without the H1-B. Forget about Google or Silicon Valley, these things would not exist without the H1-B.

Do you realize that fifty percent of the PHD candidates in America are foreign born? The Genius Visa is the backbone for American education and this country is sucking all the geniuses around the world, but now, they are returning to their countries with the information they have gathered. If you remove the H1-B Genius Visa then you will collapse the economy. It was said in an editorial from the Wallstreet Journal that a congressman wanted the removal of the H1-B to allow a plethora of jobs for Americans who couldn't have them because of this Visa. The issue with this notion is that there is no one capable of performing these jobs. There are no Americans can do what the students of this Genius Visa can do. As a matter of fact, jobs are CREATED because of this Genius Visa, entire industries are formed.

A current problem within this growing economy is there is a need for people to perform the highly technical jobs that most Americans can not perform. While the number of people needed increases the number of H1-B Genius Visa’s have been continuously decreasing over time and this is becoming a bigger issue over time. Congress has not set aside time to address this issue and find ways of expanding this visa in order to keep the education system in America from collapsing.

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