American Eagle

America the free has become America the free ride. The world has arrived and stands at the door, with outstretched hands and open mouths. Now what do we do? That's what a lot of people are asking themselves, as they stand in unemployment lines. What happened to the American dream? where is the promise, in this promise land?

We have come to expect a certain level of lifestyle in America today. This high standard of living has become the wave of decades past. No longer do we have disposable income. This is a long lost commodity that has been squandered. A society of instant gratification and exorbitant living, has drained the pool. It's time to pay the piper and this is what's been going on for the past several years.

When times were good and the stock market flew to new highs every day, the economy was bustling and everyone had plenty of money. Times where good and it seamed as if it would never end. Millionaires where made and people rose in society to levels they had only imagined.

Unfortunately for most of them, the way back down can be a lot harder to stomach then the way up. The world is coming to the realization that money should be paid for work done. Getting a free ride isn't going to happen for much longer. Each will have to pull their own weight in the new order. If not, then they fall behind and get swallowed up by the hands of poverty.

Survival of the fittest will eventually take over. The adaptable will always survive. Getting by on nothing will be an asset we're all going to need so, better practice up. Government is trying to help but they seem to be making things worse. Irony is, we're still paying the people who screwed it all up. Maybe we should try to find someone new to fix it. Seems like a new order is inevitable. The one we have is certainly not working.


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