These floor standing speakers represent some of the finest speakers manufactured by American Acoustics. Featuring 12 inch woofers, dual mid-range speakers, tweeter and dynamic horn super-tweeter for extended frequencies. This is a rare 4-way design with a range of 32Hz – 22khz. Excellent for today's high end recordings such as DVD Audio and SACD. Also wonderful for those that still spin vinyl. Rated 8 or 4 Ohms and 205 Watts RMS. 410 Watts Peak. These vintage speakers can handle just about any power source you throw at it. These speakers are ultra dynamic with wonderful bass response and excellent transparency. Be sure you purchase these speakers in excellent condition and make sure you look at the cones. The cabinets are not some flimsy, thin, cheap design but very well built, heavy and with very clean edges. The fit and finish represent a high quality speaker. The finish is an aesthetically pleasing natural wood veneer that would look at home in any room. Personally, I think they look good in a music room or a living room. The grills are well built and sturdy. The entire speaker system is very well maintained.

For the serious audiophile listener who needs more than what is capable from a smaller speaker. They simply do not make classic speakers like this any more for less than several thousand dollars. Although the price seems a bit high, it is definitely worth your money investing into. You will not be disappointed.