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American Cream Draft

The American Cream Draft Horse is in every way an American breed and the only draught horse breed developed in the United States. The breed was popular as a draught and farm worker before mechanisation took over. It is a rare breed today and is on the endangered species list of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. American Creams form a distinct group of their own, a fact proven by blood tests conducted by the University of Kentucky through their Equine Blood Typing Research laboratory.

Cream Draft Horse
Credit: Wikimedia

The colour of this breed is always cream with a lighter mane and tail.


The American Cream has three physical characteristics which are inherent to the breed. These are the cream colour, the pink skin and amber coloured eyes. The eyes of the foals may range from blue to almost white for their first year. The mane and tail are long.

Mature mares may be 15 to 16 hands in height and weigh from 1500 to 1600 pounds. Stallions are taller with a range from 16 to 16.3 hands and a weight of 1800 pounds. The breed has a refined head with wide-set, large eyes and small but expressive ears. The profile is straight. As befits a draught animal, the horse is short-coupled, deep through the girth with muscular hindquarters and wide chest. The shoulders are sloping. The back is short and strong. The legs are set well apart and the action is smooth and easy. There is moderate feathering on the fetlocks.

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The breed standard stipulates a light, medium or dark cream. The skin should be pink and the mane and tail white. The eyes should be amber or hazel. American creams carry a 'champagne' gene which accounts for the cream colour. This gene is a dominant gene and is distinct from cremello and palomino colouring. At the moment, the stud book is open to dark-skinned mares providing they are cream and have a light mane and tail. White markings on the face and legs are desirable.


The American cream draft has a willing, equable temperament. He is trustworthy and easy going, obedient to light commands and keen to please his master.

American Cream Draft 3-Horse Hitch

This image shows the pink skin, long mane and forelock and the white blazes which are typical of the breed.


The American Cream is an ideal assistant wherever a draught animal is needed. As they are all similar in build and colour, combinations such as pairs and teams are relatively easily assembled and provide spectacle and colour as parade or exhibition items.