American Crew classic fragrance cologne for men products are known for their spicy and citrus fragrant scents, providing a pleasant smell for men. It's sometimes hard to find a good cologne with a desirable fragrance scent for men that's not so expensive. American Crew classic fragrance colognes are reasonably priced, while also providing eloquent scent using some of most popular fragrance notes for men. Most women dig a man who knows and wears a quality cologne. The scents made in American Crew are very pleasant and receptive to a women's nose. So you'll be sure to make an impression with women wearing American Crew's citrus fruity and spicy fragrance colognes.

Cologne products aren't very cheap, and shouldn't be too cheap if it is quality cologne for men. American Crew products are designed strictly for men to use. They have a variety of shampoos, body washes, shampoos, lotions, men's gels, and shaving products just for men. Their products are highly recommendable to purchase. Their classic fragrance product provides a masculine scent, allowing men to be men when wearing their fragrance colognes. Below I've listed the fragrance notes used in American Crew classic colognes. It's good to learn a little about the fragrance notes before purchasing a cologne product. I always look to see which essential oils are used in skin products, to be sure it provides the pleasant and masculine scent I'm looking for. Woody and spicy scents are good fragrances for men.

American Crew Classic Fragrance Notes

The top notes used in the fragrances are mandarin and grapefruit. American Crew uses natural essential oils. The mandarin gives a very fruity and citrus scent to the American Crew cologne. Mandarin has been used in aromatherapy in treating numerous of skin conditions and reduces the chance of wrinkles. Grapefruit compliments the citrus scented fragrance that the American Crew classic fragrance instantly gives. Some of the uses for grapefruit is preventing toxin build up in the skin.

The middle notes found are lavender and rosemary. Lavender is a popular essential oil that is found in most top quality shaving creams, aftershaves, and colognes. Lavender might be the best essential oil for the skin. It is used to prevent acne, treat skin cuts, bruises, cystitis, sores, and has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It's a good essential oil that protects the skin. Lavender has a sweeter scent, and is not as strong. Lavender is used as the heart of the cologne along with rosemary. Rosemary gives the cologne more of a spicy scent. Rosemary is very pleasing to the nose. I'm sure most people are familiar with the scent of rosemary. I think the rosemary adds to the masculine scent of the American Crew classic fragrance cologne. Most women love that citrus scent combined with a spice scent like rosemary. The rosemary gives you that manly smell.

The base notes are very important to how the scent last after applying the cologne to the skin. The sandalwood gives its finishing touch, combined with clary sage. The sage adds a touch of spice, combined with the sandalwood which gives it a woody scent. Sandalwood is a very popular and desirable fragrance for men. The best fragrances use sandalwood as base fragrance.

Warnings about American Crew Classic Fragrance for men

There are some warnings and possible side effects that come with using American Crew classic fragrance cologne products for men. American Crew cologne contains SD alcohol 39-C which is a classified toxic, immune toxicant, and reproductive toxins. American Crew fragrances might cause skin irritation. The cologne should be kept away from children and pets. It is toxic and might cause dizziness and sickness if you use too much. According to some of the effects of SD Alcohol 39-C, it might cause nervous system damage and a numbness feeling. It is possible when applying to the skin it might cause skin allergens and itchiness.

So use with caution and don't apply too much cologne. Usually about 2-3 squirts is all that's needed. You can apply to your wrist, front of the neck, or back of the neck area. Avoid the eyes and the face area. I think the back of the neck area is the best place for cologne splashes and squirts. That way you don't endure too much of the scent and it's enough to be noticed.

Where to buy American Crew Classic Fragrance Cologne for men

There are a lot of places to buy the American Crew classic fragrance for men product online. Prices are going for surprisingly low prices. You can buy the 3.4 oz bottle for around $20 dollars or cheaper online. Some of the places to buy the fragrance cologne are at,, mensroom barbershop, and amazon.