American Crew hair care is a very unique company in the health and beauty industry. While most of the products out there target strictly women, or both men and women, American Crew has decided to go after men exclusively. For guys that care about their look, this is great. Finally we have a beauty company designing and testing products specifically for manly men everywhere. Now, American Crew has a ton of hair products available. There are specialty lines that have all sorts of funky names like Citrus Mint and Tea Tree. The line that this article will focus on, though, is the American Crew Classic Line. This is really their bread and butter.

The Classic Line by American Crew has everything that a man needs to keep his hair strong, thick and easy to manage. There are shampoos, conditioners and several gels, sprays and treatment type products. We'll start with the shampoos and make our way down.

American Crew Hair Care basically makes three different shampoos. Their most popular is the "Daily Shampoo". This is, as the name implies, meant for daily use by men with normal hair. If you suffer from damage issues, like many of us do, you should probably consider trying out the "Daily Moisturizing Shampoo". This product replenishes dry scalps and helps to moisten dry hair. The third type of shampoo in the Classic line is an "Anti-Dandruff Shampoo". Along with fighting and preventing dandruff, this product also helps thicken the hair. Lastly we have the "Thickening Shampoo". If your hair is thin and weak, you may want to try this item.

The conditioner found in the American Crew Classic Line is called a "Stimulating Conditioner". What exactly does this mean? Well, I'm not sure! I can tell you, though, that it contains rosemary and thyme. It's designed specifically for men who have oily hair.

If you're into hair styling products, American Crew probably has something for you. The line that we're discussing has a wide variety of hair gels and sprays. One unique thing about all their styling products is they kind of kill two birds with one stone. Besides allowing you to shape your hair, they also treat it at the same time. Read the labels and you'll see that American Crew Styling Products help to protect against UV rays as well as dry scalp issues.

The final type of product found in the Classic Line are treatments. If you are wondering how to treat dry hair, you should definitely pay attention here. American Crew Fiber is a fairly new product that is engineered for men with thin, limp hair. It increases fullness while acting as a moisturizer at the same time.

One final word... When buying anything, it's best to shop around. I find that some of the cheapest hair care products can be found online. Check out a few sites, read a few reviews and don't be afraid to try something new! Your hair will thank you for it.