American Eagle Gold Proof Coins are the envy of numismatists and investors in gold bullion alike, and are created by the US Mint to meet the desires of collectors. Beginning in 1986, the US Mint has struck limited quantities of these exceptional Gold Proof coins.

Gold Proof Eagles are made from 22-karat gold, and feature a 'W' mark, which indicates that they were produced at the US Mint located at West Point. There is a unique minting process for these Gold Proof Eagles. Coin blanks are burnished and manually placed under special dies in presses. From there, each coin receives multiple strikes, resulting in a detailed but frosted image that appears to levitate above a highly reflective surface. Gloved inspectors scrutinize each coin, and then the Gold Proof Eagles are locked into a small plastic case, which is then placed in a presentation case that is lined with satin, and accompanied by a COA.

Because Gold Proof Eagles are minted by the US Mint, the purity, weight and content of each coin are under a guarantee from the US Government. These limited edition coins can be purchased from the US Mint directly, and you can choose from Gold Proof Eagles, Silver Proof Eagles or Platinum Proof Eagles. On the opposite side of each coin is an image of The Statue of Liberty holding an olive branch and a torch, created by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. The other side of this Gold Proof Eagle features an image of an eagle grasping an olive branch, and soaring over the next of his female mate and babies. This image was sculpted by Miley Busiek.

Gold Proof Eagles are created with collectors in mind, and have a frosted image that is struck many times. You can find these Gold Proof Eagles in denominations of 1/10 oz., 1/4 oz., 1/2 oz., and one full ounce. This special method creates a completed Gold Proof Eagle that has a beautiful image that hovers over the mirror-finished background.

Usually, people buy gold as a way to defend themselves against inflation, the devaluation of the dollar, or to insure themselves against a more widespread financial disaster. The Gold Proof Eagle is an investor's ideal candidate if they want to enlarge their existing portfolios.

You can buy gold bullion with the use of an IRA account. Financially speaking, this only makes sense if you have plans to trade these assets, rather than hold onto them. This is for tax purposes. The quantity of money that you are permitted to invest into an IRA every year is delineated by Congressional mandates on contribution limits Gold lacks utility inasmuch as it will not produce taxable money. Conversely, by owning corporate bonds, REITs (real estate investment trusts) or dividend paying stocks, you will receive annual distributions as dividends or interest.

A majority of investors who pursue this specific method of allocating their capital would benefit from purchasing American Eagle Gold Proof Coins and keeping them safely stored in their local bank's safe.