The original town site of American Falls is now covered with water. In 1925 the Bureau Of Reclamation moved approximately 75 percent of the original town site to higher ground to make way for the American Falls Dam. The Bureau Of Reclamation then flooded the original town site.

Many complete buildings were moved including houses and churches. During the summer when the water is low you can walk around the original town site. You can still see sidewalks and foundations of the original town site.

Today the American Falls Dam and Reservoir, which is located on the Snake River is an oasis of fishing and water activities. You can catch many types of fish including sturgeon. You can not keep the sturgeon but there is nothing like reeling in a 6-10 foot fish. Other fish you can catch include rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, brown trout, crappie,catfish, and perch.

According to the last census in 2000 the town Of American Falls Idaho has a population of 4,111. American Falls is in Power county and is located about 15 miles from Aberdeen Idaho and about 23 miles from Pocatello Idaho.

The American Falls schools mascot is the "beaver". Major employers in the area include the Con-Agra potato processing plant and agriculture related jobs including farming.

The Oregon Trail passed by the area. American Falls is also close to "Register Rock" park where pioneers who were passing through the area on the "Oregon Trail" camped and carved their names into the rocks. You can still see many of the pioneers name carvings to this day.

The Union Pacific Railroad runs by the town as well as Interstate 86 making American Falls an excellent location for many businesses to locate.

The "William Thomas Middle School" made national news in 2005 when Principal Randy Jensen received the National Middle Level Principal of he Year Award. In 2002 American Falls Idaho built a new high school.

The local weekly newspaper is the American Falls Press.

American Falls offers magnificent golf course. It is only 9 holes but the fun factor is extremely high. If you want o play 18 holes just play the course twice. It's cheap for each round of golf.

When visiting American Falls Idaho make sure you also visit Massacre rocks state Park. Massacre Rocks state park is where register Rock is located. You can still see remnants of the actual Oregon Trail including ruts made by the pioneer wagons.

Another popular place is the Willow Bay Recreation Area. You can camp, launch your boat, water ski, fish, swim, watch or play softball, play horse shoes, bicycle, or just lounge on the beach.

Baseball Player Christian Colonel graduated from American Falls High school. Christian Colonel played minor league baseball for the Colorado Sky Sox. The Colorado Sky Sox are the major farm team for the Colorado Rockies.

American Falls is a wonderful town to visit in the summer time and would make an excellent place to relocate for many people.