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Christmas is one of the most stressful times of the year for parents. A lot of it comes from organising and catering for the Christmas meals. Another problem is trying to find that special gift for their children. 

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These popular American Girl books have been around for more than a decade and girls love them all over the world. They now create both fiction and non-fiction books for children in a fun and interesting way.

The American Girl books that I have selected for this article will give the young girls and their friends in your household, hours of enjoyable, creative activities. In addition, you and your children will learn from these great ideas and share hours of fun together.

Hair Styling Tips and Tricks for Girls

Hair- Styling Tips and Tricks for Girls (American Girl) (American Girl Library)
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Girls will have a ball with this book as they learn the Hair-Styling Tips laid out for them to experiment. Most young girl love to make themselves up and this will make it even more exciting.

Learn Exciting Hair Tips and Tricks

My daughter has a small hair salon and I know she would have loved a book like this.  She loves to experiment with creative ideas and she would have enjoyed the hair styles in this book when growing up.

Hair Styling

If your daughter and her friends love the American girl books and play dress ups then this book is for them. This book has many hairstyles for the girls to experiment on each other.

It will help them style their hair for different occasions, whether playing tennis or going to see a film it will cover them all.

Healthy Hair Care

It will give them fresh new ways of creating styles.  It describes how to look after their hair and learn new ways of keeping their hair healthy at the same time.

It shows them ideas on how to do the zigzag parting. Learning how to create the fantastic Messy Buns will excite all the girls. If your girls love styling their hair, this will give them so many ways to create new exciting styles.  Mum could become their model and have new hair-styles too as the kids experiment.  What more could they want?

American Girl Library Christmas Crafts

American Girl Library Christmas Crafts
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Mum and daughters can all learn new projects to make for Christmas gift Ideas.

American Girl Library to Make Christmas Crafts

This book is recommended for girls 9 and over, although I think even Mum will enjoy creating some of these great projects too.

Your children will no longer hang about saying, “I am bored.” They will have so many new creative ways to make gifts for the family and their friends that will keep them entertained.

A book like this would not only make a great gift for your child, you could buy another one for other gift ideas too.

You will learn how to create a variety of Christmas gift projects. Ideas on making gift-wrappings is another idea to make for Christmas too. You and your children can create projects to make for years to come.

Mix-it-Up Cookbook

The Mix-It-Up Cookbook (American Girl Library)
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Kids will love to experiment in the kitchen and yes make a mess for someone to clean up. This book will show your children how to create simple meals and learn how to use the kitchen tools.

Mix-it-up Cookbook for Girls

This easy to read and the colourful book will keep your young and teenage girls amused in the kitchen for hours. An added bonus is that Mum and Dad can enjoy a break from cooking once they get the hang of cooking techniques.

Do not to be too harsh on them if they leave one of the ingredients out when they first start. Remember, we have all done that from time to time and this is a great way for them to learn, understand and experiment at the same time.


This cookbook comes with a variety of basic recipes, like pancakes, pizzas, spaghetti and meatballs and many more. You may love to try making your own milkshakes. These recipes also suggest other ideas for serving them with other products.

A friend of ours has made the pancakes from this book and we enjoyed them with lemon and sugar sprinkled over the top. They were yummy!

There are also ideas on using the different utensils and setting the table. If you are thinking of buying this then you may create another cook in your home.

How to Handle Money

A Smart Girl's Guide to Money (American Girl) (American Girl Library)
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I believe that this book would actually suit both boys and girls as it teaches them how to look after their money.

Value of Money

It shocks me today that many children do not have any understanding of the value of money. In fact I cannot remember how many times I told my own children that money does not grow on trees, I am sure they still think it does even today.

This book covers many ways that money affects our lives. It will walk you through the basic ways of handling money so a child of school age can easily understand. It teaches children about saving, spending wisely and information on using credit cards.

Ideas for Starting a Business

I believe this will give your child important ideas and encourage self-esteem and confidence for making money as they grow. It will also teach them the basics of making good and bad decisions whether spending or investing their money. There are also a few quizzes to test what they have learned.

Note: I believe the girls guide to money is beneficial for both boys and girls to read. The cookbook would also come in handy for when boys live in a Batchelor pad.