Meet the Girl of the Year 2014-Isabelle!

For parents and grandparents of girls between the ages of five and twelve, a major toy event will be happening at the beginning of the year.  The Girl of the Year 2014 Doll will be introduced to the public and available for sale from The American Girl company.  For fans of this particular collection, a new member to the family is a most welcome addition.

But who will she be?

What is the Difference Between an American Girl Doll and a Girl of the Year Doll?

Girls and women have long been underrepresented in American history, and that is especiallytrue of minority women.  In 1986, the Pleasant Company introduced three characters from different eras of American history that were totally relatable to modern children.  These nine to eleven year old girls were:

Kirsten Larson A Swedish immigrant who traveled to America in 1854 and settled in Minnesota

Samantha Parkington  is an orphan who lives with family in New York in 1904

Molly McIntire is trying to take life in 1944 one day at a time while her father is off fighting World War II

Each child has issues that modern girls could relate to, and all of this is woven in with American history.  The dolls, their outfits, and accessories took off like wildfire.

Over the years, the Pleasant Company has added ethnic characters to the line of historical dolls, like Addy Walker, a former slave who cannot understand the unfairness of the world in which she lives and Josefina Montoya, whose story takes place in 1824 while Sante Fe was still under Mexican rule.

The Girl of the Year is an entirely different product line.  Introduced in 2001 with Lindsay Bergman, a Jewish girl, each doll is a modern ten year old who has her own theme and hobby that is central to her character.  Each doll is available for only one year, and then she is retired and a new one is introduced.

Here is a Peek at What Isabelle Looks Like!

Here is the New GOTY 2014

This doll is already hugely popular with girls!

More About the GOTY 2014

Her name is revealed!

Her name is Isabelle!  On the internet there was a code name, and that was Blanche Palmer.  A casting call was made this past spring from Universal Home Entertainment for the seventh movie in the series that will focus on this new character.[1]

Three books debuted on January 1, 2014 to coincide with the release of “Isabelle Palmer”.  Based on the summaries, fans know that:

  • This is her first year attending the Anna Hart School of the Arts.
  • She is a ballet dancer.
  • She has an older sister named Jade who is one of the best dancers at the school.
  • This character lacks confidence, as she constantly compares herself to her sister and to others.  Will she be able to overcome this obstacle and shine on her own?
  • The name of her antagonist is Renata, who loves to tell “Blanche” about her flaws.
  • She is invited by her idol to do a dance tour, and there are problems along the way with her mentor and her nemesis, Renata.

A Ballerina Outift for Your New Friend

It's something to dress her in when the doll finally arrives!

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This gorgeous ballet outfit is something that the GOTY would wear on stage.

A Dancer's Dream Doll

Because she is a dancer, and so many girl love this art form, this promises to be a popular doll for the tween scene! If you are a doll collector or have a favorite little one who is just the right age to appreciate this gift, then the American Girl Doll of the Year 2014 will delight and enchant her.