American Girl Dolls – Gift Ideas for Girls

American Girl Doll - Gift Ideas for Girls

The American Girl Dolls have been around since 1986 and have obtained numerous awards such as The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award and Parent's Choice Award, toy, book and magazine awards for several years in a row and are made in USA making them a popular and collectible gift idea for girls.

The American Girl Dolls represent important historical times in America and were created to show and teach girls the values of family, friendship, courage, leadership, hope and imagination while encouraging play and learning of history and various cultures.

The American Girl Dolls are each made as 18" dolls that are made with historically correct outfits and accessories and each comes with a book that tells the story of the life of the individual character. The stories are meant to teach young girls not only how life has changed in America but also how so many things are still the same such as compassion, forgiveness, responsibility and the importance of family and friendships.

The collection of American Girl Dolls includes:

Kaya – An American Girl Doll growing up in 1764 before America was an established country.

Felicity – Grows up during the American Revolution in 1774.

Josefina – A popular American Girl Doll from 1824 in Colonial New Mexico during the Santa Fe Trail.

Addy – The American Girl Doll growing up in 1864 of the Civil War Era.

Rebecca – is the New York City American Girl Doll from 1914.

Kit – grows up during The Great Depression of 1934 and teaches resourcefulness.

Molly – is from 1944 during the era of World War II.

Julie – the San Francisco American Girl Doll growing up in the 1970's.

Several of the American Girl Dolls have been resigned into the archives such as Samantha and her friend Nellie, Kirsten and Elizabeth and these dolls and their books become highly collectible.

American Girl Dolls – Girl of the Year

Introduced in 2001, the Girl of the Year is an 18" doll with her own special clothing and accessories that represents the current lifestyle and interests of the modern day young girl and these dolls change annually so are great to have as collectible dolls for your own young girl.

American Girl Dolls Accessories – Dress like your Doll

Gift ideas for girls include the Dress like your doll pajamas that include a set of flame resistant pajamas made of polyester for a young girl and matching set for the doll with a book that has a special story about bedtime that every young girl is sure to enjoy.

American Girl Doll Magazine

The American Girl Doll magazine is a monthly subscription that makes a great gift for a young girl which includes different stories, craft ideas, games and puzzles, fundraising ideas, fashion and hair tips as well as baking ideas and educational nature articles. The American Girl Doll magazine is the only magazine devoted entirely of stories and interests of young girls today. The American Girl Doll magazine has won numerous parent and educational awards and makes a great gift at only $54 for a full year of fun and enjoyment as well as can be collected by girls that grow to love their dolls.

American Girl Doll Gifts Under $25

Check out the section of American Girl Doll accessories and stocking stuffers for as low as $7.00 and includes clothing items, books, stuffed animals, hangers for the doll's clothing, skates, birthstone earrings, DVD's, shoes, eyeglasses and so much more. These small gifts under $25 are great gifts for girls to add to their growing collection of American Girl Dolls that are sure to please.

American Girl Dolls Interactive Website

Be sure to sign your girl up for the American Girl Dolls website so that she can play games, do puzzles, create her own doll with accessories, take quizzes, plan parties with evite email invitations, play games and make their own calendars.

The American Girl Dolls make a great gift idea for girls with many different dolls to choose from, lots of different accessories and encourages young girls to use their imagination while learning about history and different cultures. Buy an American Girl Doll for around $100 on average, books and accessories for your young girl at or the official American Girl Dolls website for great deals, sales and free shipping offers to help you save money while gift giving.