American Girl Magazine is the perfect gift for girls. Aimed at girls between the ages of eight and twelve, this is a safe and gentle alternative to magazines geared for older teens.

American Girl Magazine is published by the American Girl Company. It is published bi-monthly (six times a year). One of the biggest benefits of American Girl magazine is that it does not have advertising, other than for American Girl products. By not soliciting advertisers, the cost of the magazine is higher than other magazines aimed at young girls.

American Girl Magazine (37653)The no advertising policy permits the publisher to focus on the core values of the magazine, which is to uplift the confidence and self-esteem of today’s young girls. No article in American Girl Magazine will ever advise a girl how to change who she is. Instead, your daughter will find articles on how to stand up for herself and her beliefs, how to solve problems without conflict, and how to help others who are in some kind of need. American Girl Magazine focuses on young girls’ individuality and accents the positive aspects of being a girl.

Inside each issue of American Girl Magazine, your daughter will never find articles on how to make boys like her, how to apply make-up, or how to get her first kiss. There are no articles encouraging her to grow up too fast or to imply that she is not good enough as she already is.

What your favorite eight to twelve year old girl will find in American Girl Magazine are features that are fun and age appropriate. Some of the magazine’s features, which makes it the perfect gift for girls, are:

Crafts and Projects-Fun and easy to make for herself and for others that can easily be done by herself

Party Ideas- Put a twist on an old idea or use one of the new fun ideas the magazine offers

Puzzles-Use your brain for fun

Articles featuring every day girls helping their community and overcoming obstacles


Advice columns

Recipes that are easy to make


In addition to a hard copy of the magazine, there is also an online companion to the magazine. At the American Girl website, there is a tab at the top for the magazine. Click this link and you will be able to:

Play games


Take quizzes

Answer the current issue’s question

Find activities to do on your own, complete with directions

Send eCards

Read jokes

Learn geography

Find “To Do” Lists with ideas for girls to try at home. There are many, many choices!

Where You Can Find American Girl Magazine

American Girl Magazine can be found in bookstores like Barnes and Noble and Borders. You can also buy a subscription at a reduced price online. Look for promotional codes and discounts while shopping for American Girl Magazine online.

Magazines are a gift that you can give year round. Every other month, another issue of American Girl Magazine arrives. Opening it up is like opening a new present. A sweater is seasonal and will eventually be put away and outgrown. American Girl Magazine, which will take years to outgrow, is the perfect gift for girls.