Ellen DeGeneres

The American Idol has a new judge on the show Ellen DeGeneres. This entertaining funny lady was chock full of light jokes just to break the tension and could be very serious also. She has replaced Paula Abdul.

Other judges on the show panel are Simon Cowell, Kay DioGuardi and Randy Jackson.. Ellen made a very good impression. She is being fair and honest about how she feels. Ellen says she knows what it is like to be in front of a lot of people. Her new job is taken very seriously by Ellen. She uses her good humor to break the tension up in the room.

Ellen got really good reviews from the media and the audience there at the show and at home. Everyone loved her jokes and honesty.

There were 181 contestants last night in the Hollywood auditions. 96 contestants went on to the next show in Hollywood where they will be performing in groups.

Right after Ellen started on the show,Simon announced he will be leaving the show to produce his own show"The X File"

Ellen was born in Metairie,Louisiana. Ellen first job was as clerical worker. Then she worked in several other jobs until she then found a good job in New Orleans . She emcee'd the acts at the club in 1981. At Clyde's Comedy Club in the French Quarter on Bourbon St. became a stand up comic. She worked very hard to perfect her act.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is her own talk show. On the show she has games and talks to a number of famous people. Some of them musicians, actors , actress' and sports stars. She won an Emmy Award for the show in 2004.

She has acted in the movies some of them are 1993 The Coneheads 1996 Mr. Wrong and 1999 The Love Letter . Her voice was "Dory" in the hit movie "Finding Nemo.". The movie is about a father clown fish who loses his son "Nemo" Dory was a fish who had a short term memory problem. This movie was a big hit with everyone adults and children alike.

Ellen hosted the Emmy wards in 2005. This show aired three weeks after Hurricane Katrina. She has won many awards 12 Emmy and many other awards for charity efforts.