American Made Products are Becoming More Available

Many of us would like to buy products that are made in the USA, but we don't know how to find them, and we have to be cautious about not spending too much. Is it possible for us to buy more American made products, help our economy, and still stay within our own personal budgets? Yes, we can! Even everyday items such as blue jeans can be found in styles that are made in America.  Every time we choose to support American companies, when possible, we do our part to help our friends, families and ourselves find and keep better paying jobs. There are several reasons why you may want to buy products that are made in the USA.


Reasons to Buy American Made Products

There are many reasons why you might prefer to buy products that have been made in America. For example, you may be concerned about the loss of manufacturing in our country, and the resulting high unemployment rate. You could also be worried about what will happen to your community, or other communities, if they lose the primary manufacturing plant and employer in their area.

Other people feel guilty about buying products that may have been made in other countries using child labor, or that could have been made by adults laboring in unsafe working conditions. Most third world countries do not have an equivalent to OSHA, the federal agency that tries to protect American employees from unsafe working conditions. Another reason why you may want to buy products that have been made in our country is because you may be worried about the environmental impact caused by some foreign factories in developing countries. Many of them make little or no attempt to protect the local water, or prevent air pollution.

Whatever your reason for wanting to buy American made shoes, furniture, clothing, toys and other items, you may not be sure how to go about it.

How to Research Products that are American Made

Before you go shopping, you can start by checking out some of the companies that are mentioned on websites such as,,,, and Then, look for these products in the stores, or order them online. When you do buy these products, take a moment now and then to email the companies and let them know why you prefer to buy products that have been made in America. This will encourage them to continue to keep their factories in the United States.

Quick link to Made in America clothing from

You can also go online to sites like Amazon and simple put "Made in America" in their search box, or use the convenient link above to see their selection of US made clothing.

Companies that Produce American Made Products

The websites that were listed above will provide you with sources for finding companies that make their products in the United States. Since there are hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of companies, it is impossible to list them all in this article. Often companies that manufacture products in America are small community firms, without a national following. However, others produce products that can be purchased throughout the United States. Some examples of American manufacturers are: Sharpco Anchors, Sligh Furniture Company, American Apparel, Texas Jeans, Alladin Plastics, New Balance Shoes, Alegacy Furniture, Zip-n-go Blanket, Timbergreen Toys, and Baker Furniture and Stairs.

Retailers that Sell American Made Products

There are many retailers that carry American made clothing. Look for the label that says, "Made in the USA." One example is All-American Baby. Other companies to watch for include Todd Shelton, Factory Direct Drapes, Capps Shoe Company, Blue Collar Wear and Okabashi shoes.

In looking for products that are made in America, you could buy a pet bed or dog food from Best Bed for Pets; fishing equipment could be purchased from Dessy; boats and boat accessories can be purchased from Howard Miller, Rexair, Inc., or Sharpco Anchors.

Search Tools for American Made Products

At, they have a very helpful search tool. You can type in the kind of item that you want to buy, and they will give you a list of products that meet your search criteria and that have been made in the United States. For example, when I typed in clothing, they listed Land's End, the All American Clothing Company, and Boden.

At the website, they list dozens of product lines, and when you click on one of them, they will give you a list of items that are American made. For example, when I clicked on luggage made in America they list Best American Duffel, Custom Hite, Eagle Luggage & Custom Cases, Tough Traveler Ltd., and several more. When I clicked on Musical Instruments and Accessories made in the USA, they listed Milbert Amplifiers, Carvin, Valve Train, Fretwell Flutes, Jarrett Guitars, and others.

Well Known Items that are American Made

The good news is that you may already be buying some products that are made in the USA and not even realize it. Have you ever owned a Slinky? This popular toy has been manufactured by Poof-Slinky out of American steel since 1945. Did you grow up playing baseball with a Louisville Slugger baseball bat? These wood bats are made in Louisville, Kentucky. There are many other items that you may recognize, too, such as Airstream Trailers, Kohler bathroom fixtures, Anchor Hocking drinking glasses, Steinway pianos, Indian Motorcyles and Merle Norman cosmetics.

Other Ways You Can Help American Companies

We are all eager to have our nation get back to full employment, and many people want the government to do more to create jobs. However, every time you go shopping, you are doing more to help create jobs than the government possibly can. Whether it is the salesperson or online retailer who sold you the item, the factory worker who made it, the truck driver who delivered it, or the construction worker who built the shopping center where you purchased it, our shopping habits have a significant affect on the economic health of our country. The more frequently you take the time to purchase an item that is made in America, the more you help create jobs and spur economic growth.

The American Manufacturing Crisis

Actor John Ratzenberger is also encouraging Americans to buy more products that are made in America. His website, has tips to help us all be more supportive of American industries. On his website he points out that today's manufacturing plants are nothings like the dark, dangerous places shown in old movies. Today's plants are well lit, often high tech and utilize advanced robotics. We need more young men and women who feel enthusiastic about pursuing manufacturing jobs as a possible career choice. Schools need to offer more vocational training and shop classes, and encourage students to go into fields such as construction, plumbing, welding, or manufacturing. Not only are there many opportunities for our young people in those fields, but our nation needs people who are trained to fill these jobs.

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