American Silver Eagles are the official United States' silver precious metal coins. They have been released ever since 1986 and withhold a single ounce of silver. These beautiful coins are minted to fastidious requirements and are verified by the United States government for their content, weight and purity. This series quickly became a favorite of both coin collectors and patrons of silver bullion coins.

As this legendary production had endured as a public favorite, becoming one of the most loved designs of the contemporary United States coinage, it was restored for the Silver Eagle in later years. The coin's design displays a symbolic eagle created by the reknowned sculptor John Mercanti.

The design of the coin's obverse was derived from the classic "Walking Liberty" project from Adolph A. Weinman, which initially had been utilized for the United States half-dollar coin throughout the years of 1916 to 1947. While this iconic coin has remained favorite with the public, and easily one of the most cherished designs of the contemporary US coinage (silver or otherwise) - it was restored for the Silver Eagle many years later.

The U.S. Mint continues to offer Silver Eagles in three major versions. The first being the normal remaining bullion derision of the coin, which is found at coin dealers and authorized bullion dealers. The second version being sold straight from the United States Mint is the popular and collectible proof addition. The last and most recent version is a collectible, uncirculated edition of the coin, additionally recognized as being the Burnished Silver Eagle. These coins are struck on burnished coin blanks and hold the famous "W" mint mark.

Silver Eagles are sent by the United States Mint in packages of up to five hundred. Every package consists of twenty-five tubes with twenty Silver Eagles alloted to each tube. A closed package weighs about forty-two pounds and is calculated to be around 15"X9"X5" in total size.

From the initial commencement of the series, Silver Eagles got the attention of not just bullion investors but coin collectors, as well. Silver Eagles are frequently seen as the modern parallel of Silver Dollars since they are struck in silver and hold a $1.00 face value. If desired, silver bullion collectors are able to accumulate the Silver Eagle series by acquiring one coin for every date. There are some collectors who amass sets of high-end coins, which are compressed in an air-tight capsule and are given a grade by services such as NGC or PCGS, popular third-party coin grading companies.

The most recent US Mint sales figures have shown that the 2009 American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin sales for this week exceeded 12,000,000 and got to 1,000,000 sold throughout the first elevens of this past June.

The Mint's official dealers bought 377,000 Silver Eagles throughout the first eight days of June. By Wednesday, the count for sales amplified up to more than double the amount of 777,000. Next, the count went all the way up to 930,000 on Thursday, bringing the year-to-date total to a record-breaking sum of 12,509,500.

The present selling pace will take June above the 1.9 million eagles that had been purchased throughout this past May. That is how promising the year 2009 has proven to be for the silver eagle coin program.

2008 was also a major year for the series, with well nearly 20,000,000 eagles being purchased. As diligent investors seek to diversify their portfolios away from many of today's
underperforming traditional investment choices such as stocks, bonds and real estate, more and more are turning an eye toward precious metals. Unless some type of dramatic shift occurs, the current year's pace might make last year's record performance appear to be somewhat underwhelming by comparison.

If you are looking to add some amount of physical silver to a diversified portfolio, American Silver Eagles may be a wise choice of investment options to consider.