Gold has been a popular investment choice for thousands of years and has long been used to hedge an investment portfolio against inflation and during market corrections. An American eagle gold bullion coin is an interesting option for an investor and collector alike.

One benefit to owning American eagle gold coins is they can be more interesting to look at instead of gold bars. This coin has an Augustus Saint-Gaudens rendition with her holding a torch in one hand and an olive branch in the other. They also have an additional investment feature of growth through the appreciation of value based on the collector's value. This is like stamps or regular coins that are rated to be worth more to the coin collection community. This is something that shouldn't be banked on unless one invests in rare gold coins that coin collectors consider valuable already. This type of value is usually due the coin being rare or hard to get. Other factors in the evaluation are the condition of the coin and the age.

American eagle gold coins have face amounts that are denominated in $5, $10, $25 and $50 which have little meaning but are required as they are minted currency. The actual value is mostly dependant on the value of gold at the time of evaluation and the physical weight of the coin. Gold is usually weighted in troy ounces and eagle gold coins weight range from one tenth of an ounce to full ounce. As an example the 2009 American eagle coin with a face amount of $50 and weights 1.0909 troy ounces is selling for $1,259.00 at a number of online dealers. It should be noted that the value has a small premium factored in at the original sale which sets the price slightly higher than just the value of the gold itself. The gold purity is rated 22 karat and are .9167 pure to make them more durable to wear and tear.

There are other choices for gold coins besides the American eagle gold coin. There are also American buffalos gold coins, Chinese Panda gold coins, 2010 Australian gold kangaroo coins, and 2010 Canadian Vancouver Olympic games gold maple leaf coins. American Buffalo gold coins are one selection to give attention to as they are said to have a limited production. In fact many different countries produce gold coins and gold bullion coins. Coins are usually produced for special events like countries political anniversaries, hosting of the Olympics and other special occasions.

An additional benefit is the liquidity of American gold coins and many of the other gold coins. There are many buyers that are not only domestic but also worldwide. The demand for American coins is due to mint quality and they are backed by the American government, which is considered to be one of the most stable economies in the world by the different world financial communities. They are thought to be a solid long term investment and the common practice is to diversify an investment portfolio with gold by 5% to 15%.

Investors or collectors, who are interested in including gold coins in their portfolios or collections, will have the advantage of a variety of options. With good liquidity, solid backing and wide investment acceptance, an American eagle gold coin is a worthy addition to any portfolio.

*Always consult with a professional before acting on any investment decision or advice.