In the up coming months, the United States as a whole is facing some of the most pressing issues of our times, the fiscal cliff and constantly floundering economy. As we push forward and look for answers, perhaps now is the time to reflect on the the exciting potential that lies within these new challenges. 

Congress is trying to find a way to preserve the American lifestyle, the economy, and the government. Why? Doing so only inhibits innovation and fresh ideas. The greatest part of being America is the never ending potential to re-invent, re-create, and build from the ground up. The old American dream of home ownership, a car in every garage, and a chicken in every pot is gone, and that is not a bad thing. 

America is progressive and innovative; that is how we became the greatest country in the world. Unfortunately, we have become stagnet in that. As a society we have grown satisfied and have not tried to invent new systems and networks to support our every growing needs. The times are different, people are different, society is different. Yet for one reason or another we keep trying to fix things the way we always have. Guess what. That's not working!

Let's start over. Let's re-invent health care rather than trying to patch holes in a sinking ship. Let's fix the economy with new, fresh ideas. Capitalism, socialism, fascism, nationalism, only have so much standing potential before they collapse on themselves. We are living in an exciting time because now more than ever we need ideas and daring action. That potential is out there. Its time to get back to being problem solvers, not problem avoiders as we have been.

We have several key resources at our disposal to learn from and use:

      1. The great empires and governments of the past (Roman empire, ancient Egypt, the     British empire, the United States in its prime, etc.)

     2. Access to and ability to share mass amounts of information

     3. Natural resources from America herself

    4. Education

    5. The American Spirit (It's still ALIVE)

    6. Potential for enterpeneurship and innovation

Yes, we are in some hot water, but that's were Americans thrive. Throw down your political party allegiance, your differences with others and lets get to work. It is time for the greatest country in the world to step down and in its place a new great country to arise. That country will still be the United States, but in a different light.