Amerigo Vespucci  was born of a very wealthy family, friendly and is exceptionally well mannered. Vespucci’s father is Nastagio Vespucci. Their family is incredibly successful and influential to the whole town. They were Florentine silk professional traders and has reigned over the entire Italy from the year 1940 to 1730. As a part of the prominent family, Vespucci had an excellent education that's in charged by his uncle, Antonio Vespucci. Just on time when he graduated and was brave and of sufficient age, he had seen the first trip of Christopher Columbus. Right at that moment when Vespucci decided that he too sought to be one of the famous explorers.

When Vespucci was at the age of 24, he together with his company traveled to France. His father had always wanted for him to engage into the business world, so Vespucci decided to get involved into business. He had his industry in a bank in Florence and then accompanied by a partnership with Gianetto Berardi in Seville, Spain. Berardi which also happens to be a Florentine just like Vespucci. However their venture didn’t lasted quite long because Berardi died in the end of the year 1945.

After his business partnership with was Berardi ended, he met and talked to one of the famous European explorers Christopher Columbus on the subject of expeditions. Columbus’ had opened up that he had already been to the outskirts of Asia. With great shock and a bit left with a question mark on his head that Columbus’ really did went there, Vespucci pushed himself to carryout a journey and check out Asia by himself, with his own naked eye.

In the year 1949, Vespucci joined up with an expedition with Alonso de Ojeda. He'd decided on to get along with him since he knows that Ojeda has already been a veteran in the fields of expeditions and the man was at Columbus’ 2nd trip. Their expedition consists of 4 ships which are attended with good cartographers and cosmographer like Juan de la Cosa, who once became a part of trips of Columbus. They'd journeyed far and had journeyed mostly to the whole of South USA. They've found precious stones like emeralds, pearl and gold. They came to a peaceful land that they named “Venezuela” which is from the word “little Venice”.

Years after the journey, Vespucci again joined up with yet another expedition. He merged with the journey of King Manuel travelling to Brazil. They had identified some important places like Rio de Plata and Guanabara Bay or now called Rio de Janeiro.

America was named and had been internationally recognized in honor of Amerigo Vespucci who had been the one who located it. It was done and recommended by Martinus Ilacomilus , one of the author of the famous book entitled “Cosmographiae introducto” meaning Introduction to Cosmography.

Vespucci spent the final years of his life teaching pilots. He remained as a pilot instructor until he died on February 22, 1512 in Seville, Spain.