I haven't written an earnings report since March, I don't much care for them. I also realize I say the same thing when i do write an earning report. However this month is special. Not only was it a good month for me earnings-wise, but I feel the need to write a report up.

In the middle of this month, Infobarrel had their Adsense suspended due to some users violating adsense rules. The glorious Admin overlords are trying very hard to fix this mix up, but the even more powerful Google overlords are taking their sweet lollygaggin' time as Google always does.

This led to Infobarrel users becoming anxious, taking to the forums and saying how badly their earnings have suffered. I feel that this may be turning off new users to Infobarrel. Since I actually made MORE money without Adsense, I figured I would write up a report to show current and potential users that hope is not lost without Adsense. Infobarrel has earned my loyalty and it irritates me when its viability as a passive income earning platform is questioned.

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My goals for this month were simple. August was a long month, so thus I needed to take advantage of that.

Every month, I publish 25 articles on Infobarrel, while writing 25 for next month. It helps beat writing burnout.

I also wanted to write my 10 articles on bubblews a day, which is just soul sucking but it pays.

I also wanted to start diversifying, by branching out into Zujuva. It's a lot like the uber-advertisey "buy this crap from me" site like Squidoo, but unlike most Squidoo articles, the posts there are actually somewhat informative, so I can stomach writing there.


Infobarrel Earnings - $114.04

Freelance Writing Earnings - $50

Amazon Affiliates - $7.24

Bubblews - $335.33

Random Adsense Earnings for other sites - $0.68

Total : $506.61

To put that all in perspective, the last earnings report I wrote (in March) I made $159 dollars
$41 of that was from Infobarrel. Last month I made $70 dollars from Infobarrel. So yeah, it was a good month. I have been consistantly earning over the $50 minimum payout now, so that is good.

Yeah, I'm rocking Bubblews, getting payments every 2-3 days, however I am also rocking Infobarrel. So it is a team effort. Except for Amazon, that's the poor team member, but only because I can't write articles that really push selling products.

I achieved my goal of writing 10 articles on bubblews a day right up to the 27th when Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn came out and well...I got engrossed in an MMO, it happens. However, I am back on track now. The 1st of the month always sobers me up because it is when I post articles and write new ones.

Hopefully, Adsense gets fixed and I can have another decent this month. I capitalized on A Realm Reborn's release this month and since the ads Infobarrel is using now are (i think) pay per 1k views, I made decent money since people wanted to read about it.

This month I hope to take advantage of Total War: Rome II the same way.

It also helped I was practically rolling in features this month. I even reached the maximum amount of features that the achievement goes up to.

Goals for Next Month

Pretty much the same as last month. I am hoping my Zujuva account gets approved soon so I can maybe put one or so articles on there each month, perhaps continue Seekyt as well. Since my adsense account has $57 dollars in there that really are stuck since I don't earn much adsense revenue since switching to Infobarrel's system where they pay me instead.

I want to keep up my 10 articles a day on bubblews as well. I aim to be like MrMojo01 over there. I would be contented just cashing out each day. Yeah. Yeah!

On Infobarrel, I don't have much on the side of new goals. I'm thinking of further putting more of my articles on Pinterest, but it is kind of a pain. Though it does generate traffic.

You Like My Earnings?

You like my big sexy earnings? Yeah, I thought you might. If you aren't an infobarrel member and want to start making money like me (though beware, it takes time) you can sign up here.

If you want to write on Bubblews like me, you can sign up for that here.