I have not written an earnings report since November 2012, mostly because they would have been really tedious. Since in December i didn't write much because I was injured, and earning in January and February were way down because of my lack or writing in December or just because everyone is broke after the holidays.

However, there are a few noobies around Infobarrel that I'm rather fond of and this will probably be some nice motivation. especially if they realize they are making more than me. Also, if has officially been one month since the new payment system on Infobarrel went live, so it's a good way to see it's impact.


Usually I do a little section about what my goals were for the month, but I didn't have any. My sole goal was do better than the month before because my earnings were down in the dumps. In January and February combined, I only made about 38 dollars. I had been doing so good before that and it really got me down. However, I read about the holiday downtime and I felt a lot better.


Infobarrel Earnings from New System - $41.87

Infobarrel Winnings from March Contest - $25

Amazon Affiliates - $4.21

Bubblews - $75.29

WebAnswers - $3.25

My E-books - $10.21

Total : $159.83

Considering my last earnings report in November 2012 reported $82 dollars overall, I would say It has been a decent month. It is unfair to compare my huge earning with the Infobarrel's new payment platform to the dreadful earnings I got from adsense in January and February, but at least the new system is working nicely. I would highly recommend moving over to it if you have not.

Like in November 2012, I have again been unsuccessful in winning the contest for March 2013. But I regret nothing, At least I don't have to feel guilty about competing in April's contest, aye. I really wanted to save the articles I had written up that last week of March for April anyway because I am kind of a feature whore.

Speaking of features, in February, I wrote 10 articles, of those 9 of which were featured. So that is pretty cool. I hope April will be just as fruitful for my articles.

In March, I also got my 50,000 views achievement, so that is pretty cool. With all my articles, it's hard to think people are reading since the views are so spread out, but it is achievements like that that really make you feel good.

Goals for Next Month

I don't actually have any particular goals for my next month. Again the goal of "do better than the last month" holds very true here. Since December I have been working on making a webcomic that I would like to get put up before June. I want to have a couple of months of backlogs before I do put it up on the internet because I don't want to feel like I have to make a new comic page every week. Webcomics are a poor way to make money, but this time for me, it is not about making money.

I also have another ebook that I am working on that I would like to get up this month.

Other than that, I do not have a lot of goals. I have a lot of article ideas stored up so at least I should not have a problem finding ideas about what to write about.