November was an amazing month for me, however I put in a lot more work than I have my previous six months combined.

Whereas in October I focused more on backlinking than anything else, November I wrote. I wrote until I did not want to write, then I wrote some more.


Goals For November

Opposed to my October goals, i made my November goals more complex. I did not exactly aim at the sky or anything, but yeah.

 Write only 1,000 word articles (except this one, I don't care about this one)

 Win Novembers' Contest on Infobarrel

Make $20 in Adsense

 Reach the $25 payout on Bubblews

 Make a sale through Amazon Affiliates


If you are reading my little square root symbols that I am passing off as check marks correctly, I met all my goals! High Fives all around!


Adsense from Infobarrel - $26.01
Chitika - $0.36
Amazon Affliates - $1.88

Niche Blogs (I have 2)

- Band of the Hawk - $2.09
- Anime Memes - $0.03

Bubblews - $24.29

Redgage - $25.29

WebAnswers - $2.19

Total : $82.14

Did I Meet my Goals?

As I said above, I did meet my goals. I shot over my goals in most cases.

I met my twenty dollar adsense goals and soared over them. I think with all my adsense using sites combined I made about 37 bucks! That put me within 20 bucks of my first adsense payout and with my earnings from the first two days of December, I am now half way through that twenty dollars.

Something weird happened around the middle of November on Redgage. I had been using Redgage maybe the first week of November, then it got laggy and I gave up on it for the rest of the month. However, after two weeks of inactivity. I randomly won the daily contest. So there was a super easy $25.

I reached my first payout on Bubblews around the middle of the month too, with what I made in November and had from October combined. I thought about just saving it it up, but Bubblews is having so many problems lately that I figured I would just take the money and run.

Chitika is still a slow earner. I barely ever check it.

With the new addition of the amazon element to Infobarrel I expect my amazon sales to go up in December, though they have only nowhere to to. I did make my goal of making a sale on amazon. I made a singular sale. So that is good. I have a bad habit of not doing positive article reviews (because they are not as fun) so I don't get huge sales.

Oh! My goal for winning the Infobarrel contest. I worked hard. I wrote 75 articles. When I started the month of October, I had written 64 articles total.

Yes, that is right. In one month, I wrote over the amount of articles I had accumulated over six months.

Did I win?

No. I got second place, but close enough! It was a tough challenge, at the end of November we were all within 15 points of each other every day. I stayed up all night on the 29th and 30th writing, but alas, I lost.

I did however flare up my carpal tunnel and pinch a nerve in my elbow (my fingers have been numb for two days on my left hand).

But that second place reward of a $50 dollar gift card will still go to the purpose of I wanted it for. Going to my nice supportive boyfriend as a late Christmas / birthday present


Goals For December

Because of the extensive numbness and pain in my hand for my dedicated efforts last month, this month is going to be a month to heal. A month to celebrate the holidays and the end of the world. :D


- Make $25 dollars on adsense

- Makes 5 sales on Amazon Affiliates

- reach another Bubblews payout

If I do write articles this moth, it will be at may pace. Though I do need to go through the articles and proofread them. I rushed a bit near the end there. That is what I will do this month, mostly. I do expect a lot of features in December though. I wrote 75 articles and at least 75% of those were submitted to feature categories. It is two days in December and I have had two features already.

Misc. Things

Like I said in October I focused on backlinking. It seems to finally be paying off. Between backlinking on Bubblews and SutmbledUpon. My traffic has been going up through both of them. Someone (that I do not know) submited one of my articles to Redit and the traffic went through the roof. From hundreds of hits total to thousands of hits daily.

I wanted to talk about my inspiration this month. I usually have a really hard time finding article ideas, but I really needed a lot this month to bang through as many articles as I did. Shortly before the Thanksgiving holidays, I spent a bit of time at my parents house. Talking to them and being around them inspired quite a few articles. Whether it was the house work aritcles from watching my mother clean or the dog articles from living with four dogs. Or the peacock and various other farm articles from our rural hobby farm. It served as a really great inspiration for a lot of articles. I also realized that my parents hobby farm makes them a lot more self reliant than I realized and I learned a whole lot about being self reliant from living there.

Also, this will probably be my last earnings report for awhile. Unless my adsense suddenly jumps through the roof. I expect things to stable out for awhile and no one wants to read me talking about the same thing every month.

If you are a non-Infobarrel writer that likes these numbers, you can have them too with a bit of extra effort each day. If you want to start writing for Infobarrel, sign up here and if you have any questions, do not be afraid to come ask me.