I am about 6 months into writing for Infobarrel now, so I feel that's long enough to make for an actual interesting earnings report. This is my first earnings report and may not be a monthly thing. However, over the past 6 months, I've had some great success with my online money making ventures.

Almost everything I have dabbled in is earning this month, although most are only earning a little. The bright side to this is most of the things that are only earning a little, I only started doing this month. So that's really a good thing.


Goals for October

My goals for October were fairly straight forward.

Double my previous months' adsense income. September's income was roughly $7, so my goal was to make $14.

Write 10 articles. I was lazy on writing online for a few months, so it was my goal to write at least 10 articles each month.

This month I set up my Google Analytics for Infobarrel so I could monitor future perfomance. I also started experimenting in backlinking and doing a little haphazard keyword research for the articles I wrote this month with Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

I also signed up for RedGage, Bubblews, WebAnswers, and StumbleUpon.

Furthermore, I launched one new monitized Blog.

I was a busy bee this month. My student loans are drawing closer and I am beginning to get a little scared. :D


Adsense from Infobarrel - $10.92
Chitika - $0.24
Amazon Affliates - $0

Niche Blogs (I have 2)

- Band of the Hawk - $0.18
- Anime Memes - $0.03

Bubblews - $13.76

Redgage - $0.14

WebAnswers - $0.20

Total : 25. 47

Did I meet my Goals?

In October, I went above and beyond my 10 article goal and wrote 16. I also got about 8 features, so that was awesome!

However I only made $12.01 in adsense income total, which did not meet my $14 dollar goal. Overall, I am happy with it.

I started dabbling in product reviews to try to make a little money off Amazon affiliates this month, but it is not going well. I've had 61 clicks, but no buys. I perhaps need to work on it a bit more.

This month I started using Bubblews roughly around October 15th, I was really into it for about a week then I slowed down once I took a break from writing articles for the last half of the month. I earned about $2.00 while I was inactive so that is a nice perk.

I started using Redgage around the same time, it's such a slow earner and glitchy as heck. I may stop using it.

I reached my 50 answers to start earning on Web Answers around the 25th of this month and I have 5 awarded answers so far. So as long as I keep actively answering questions, I think this could be a decent earner in the future.

My niche blogs, though. I've owned the Band of the Hawk, which is an anime blog about the anime Berserk, for about two years. It has been inactive for about a whole year but I still get a little income off it. Back when I was actively writing, I was making about $13 a month.

Anime Memes is my new niche blog, it is only a few days old and already has about 3,000 hits. I'm utilizing the scheduled posting feature of blogspot so I don't get burnt out like I did with Band of the Hawk.

So far I have not really noticed a difference in traffic since I started using redgage, Bubblews, and StumbleUpon. When you like something on StumbleUpon it brings in like 6 or 7 hits automatically, which is cool but I haven't noticed any more than that. I'm thinking I should be able to notice a difference after the month of November as long as I keep monitoring it.

Goals for November

I have a little more complex goals for this month.

- Write only 1,000 word articles (except this one, I don't care about this one)

- Win Novembers' Contest on Infobarrel

- Make $20 in Adsense

- Reach the $25 payout on Bubblews

- Make a sale through Amazon Affliates

I have no set amount of article goals for November, but I do want to win the contest this month, so I will be working hard. Unfortunately, my best friends' wedding and thanksgiving is this month. So I kind of picked a bad month to try, but that is why it is a challenge.

The easiest goal on her will be making the Bubblews payout. As long as I am using it for a backlinking site daily, it will not be difficult at all. Essentially, if you like other peoples articles they somehow feel compelled to like some of yours. It kind of seems like cheating to me, though.

I really need to work on Amazon Affliates, I guess I have to make consumers want to buy the product. Which means I have to stop negative product reviews. that is like taking the sunshine out of writing product reviews. I dislike writing them, so I try to mix in interesting articles in between. Hopefully Infobarrel will release some kind of Amazon widget that they have been talking about. That would possibly make this a little easier.

I kind of want to get into writing on Squidoo, but Squidoo has kind of overwhelmed me in the past. Plus I like Infobarrel, we kind of have this love affair going on, I kind of feel like I would be betraying it. If anyone reading this writes on both Infobarrel and Squidoo, how do you find the motivation to write articles for both sites? Lots of coffee and an iron will? Outsourcing? Child labor?

Maybe I should save product reviews for Squidoo since they have superior amazon widgets. Perhaps next month though. Since i am working towards wining the contest.