Amethyst has been found in jewelry from ancient times to the present. It has been found with the remains of Neolithic man. Egyptian kings wore it. It was chosen to represent Dan, one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Kings and queens of Europe wore amethyst jewelry. Legend has amethyst as a stone of healing.

Amethyst is a quartz crystal that is found in an encasing rock called a geode. In color, it ranges from pale lavender to a deep purple due to manganese incorporated into the quartz. The presence of iron in the stone has much to do with the intensity of the color. Amethysts can be found in the United States, Europe, Africa, Mexico, Canada, Uruguay, Brazil, and a few other countries such as Sri Lanka. While it is prized as a gemstone, it is so widespread and abundant, its price is quite reasonable.

February is the month that has amethyst as its birthstone. When worn as jewelry, the amethyst is supposed to make your surroundings peaceful and calm.

The amethyst lends itself to faceting, allowing its beauty to be exposed. Amethyst jewelry is created using gold, white gold, and silver. The darker shades of the amethyst are the most spectacular, although the lighter colors are also lovely. The most common forms of amethyst jewelry are pins, bracelets, rings and earrings, although watches and tiaras embellished with amethysts are not unheard of.

One of the most delightful of the amethyst pendants is the golden dragonfly pendant with a series of amethysts both oval and round making up its body and its wings sparkling with diamonds. A Claddagh pendant in a gold setting with a heart-shaped amethyst and two diamonds helping to make the crown would be adored by anyone with knowledge of Ireland. A teardrop shape outlined in diamonds and swirled around in gold would make a lovely addition to anyone's jewelry wardrobe. A pendant in white gold of a circular amethyst surrounded by diamonds gets its beauty from the gems themselves and needs no other embellishment.

Teardrop shaped amethyst earrings accented with diamonds and swirled around in gold and silver are incredibly graceful. A circle cut amethyst stud will accent an outfit without overpowering it. Teardrop shaped amethysts surrounded by diamonds and enclosed in a wishbone shape make wonderful earrings. Dozens of tiny amethysts dangle from a stud in a grape-like bunch in these whimsical earrings. A teardrop amethyst hanging from a circular amethyst is a classic, elegant design for earrings. You can even find pale green amethyst earrings in princess cut, round cut and oval cut in gold settings.

Amethyst bracelets are lovely. They come set in gold with a criss-cross pattern between the oval amethysts containing three small diamonds. Another style features oval amethysts with three small diamonds set between them in a row perpendicular to the flow of the bracelet. There are sterling silver bracelets with oval amethysts separated by a graceful scroll pattern. You can also find amethysts cut into an organic look placed in a silver-laced lampwork-beaded bracelet.

Of course amethyst rings delight the eye and the finger. One of the loveliest of the amethyst rings is the one with two alternating hearts separated by a short line of diamonds and set in either yellow or white gold. Overall amethyst jewelry is very fascinating and very diverse. You will find whatever type of amethyst you desire.