Amethyst PropertiesCredit: William Warby a.k.a wwarby (cc)Credit: William Warby a.k.a wwarby (cc)

Amethyst is considered a sobering and healing stone. Its calming effects are nearly instant, making it an excellent stone to hold when stress threatens to throw off one's equilibrium. The most prominent Amethyst properties are seen in its effect on higher faculties, however.

This symbolic significance can be seen in the color of the purple quartz. When amethyst is exposed to high heat, it becomes yellow (citrine – a stone of high energy and confidence is associated with high intellect, will, and the third chakra); xrays are said to return it to its native purple coloring, however.

note: Natural citrine is rarely available commercially. The version that is most often available for purchase is  essentially a transformed amethyst.


How It Works

In meditation, amethyst can raise the vibratory frequency of the individual holding it and cause a thinning of the veils. Working with amethyst to develop psi abilites is among the first suggestions mentioned in most write-ups about the violet crystal when its metaphysical properties are discussed.

Amethyst raises one's vibration high enough that they can peak beyond the veils to the vibrational level of higher mind and spirituality. Its vibration is capable of preventing psychic attacks, quieting evil thoughts, strengthening focus, elevating intelligence, and promoting reason by inducing calm.

It's also purported to assist greatly with overcoming addiction and addictive behavior. People looking to break the hold of an addiction are instructed to hold the violet crystal under the tongue to connect it with regulatory glands and release the energy that's been bound to an addiction. Amethyst can also be worked with to overcome insomnia.

Amethyst heals and balances physical ailments such as intoxication and is said to protect against poison. Its stress reducing vibration makes it a wonderful aid for reducing headaches and issues involving toxicity of the body.



Working with amethyst for prolonged periods can cause the aura to become extremely sensitive. Try to limit your usage to an hour-long session. Take notes of your experiences if you wish to continue expanding on the session later in the day (avoid rushing into multiple daily sessions, however). An aura that is too sensitive can be a challenge to deal with in a world that demands a grounded presence. Eat something immediately after your session to “return to earth.” You can also meditate on the qualities of a rock or earth surface before closing your session to get back in touch with an earthy consciousness.