Why are amethyst rings very popular? What makes amethyst rings entirely different from the rest? If you are the type who is fond of collecting birthstone rings, surely you already have 12 different kinds that represent each month. 

Amethyst is one of stones that you can put on your birthstone rings, and this particular gemstone represents the 2nd month, which is February. It is not the only one for February - but it is the main one - the next one being the onyx stone.

The places were the crystals in rocks are mined are Sri Lanka, Australia, Brazil, mountains of America and Russia, Zambia, Uruguay and Madagascar.

There are people who believe that this stone can protect people from getting bald as well as save us from treachery. In addition, it was said that it can make someone’s skin condition as well. Others wear it to relieve negativity. This gemstone is also expected to bring wealth and ameliorate health.


Amethyst Rings - February Birthstone Credit: Amazon

Amethyst Rings - Benefits, Types, Colors

Amethyst rings come in shades of soft pinkish-purple to a more profound purple color which is more familiar. Further, you may stumble upon green amethyst rings as you shop around for birthstone jewelries. Green amethyst rings are the ones that are extremely uncommon in nature but can be produced by heating the stone and are labeled lime citrine. This type of stone that is yellow in color is normally made through this approach.

Previously, amethyst was included in the list of valuable gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, diamond and emerald, but the stone’s huge deposit was located in Brazil, thus causing its value to decline and is regarded as a semi-precious gemstone at present.

Amethyst is extremely solid and obtains a 7 rating on Mohs Scale. This stone is fantastic for making jewelry like amethyst rings and others which can be worn constantly for a long time period.

Transparent stones are what you should hunt for in amethyst rings or any other birthstone jewelries that are of good quality as some birthstone rings are created with poor quality transparent gemstones. They are a sight to behold and are less expensive than amethyst rings with clear stone. The light is unable to pass through a translucent one, so a stunning purple radiance will not be achieved. Be sure to buy a 10k or 14k sterling silver or gold setting as other metals might not be strong enough to grip the gemstone firmly.

Amethyst jewelries that are made of sterling silver cost around $30, while the gold rings start at around $150 to $180. The bigger the gemstone is and the lesser the flaws it has, the more expensive amethyst gemstones are going to be, and this is one thing you need to keep in mind.

This types of rings increasingly became popular, particularly for engaged couples. If you are planning to buy one of the stunning amethyst rings  available for the person you are going to marry soon, make certain that the engagement ring can fully survive the constant wear and tear for many years to come.