While the physical, optical and metaphysical properties of amethyst February birthstone have been described elsewhere on this site, here I will discuss the crystal healing features of this highly esteemed healing stone. Amethyst is a stone of spirituality in general, as well as a crystal which promotes the higher, more delicate forms of pleasure.

This beautiful gem a powerful crystal whose healing powers can be described with the following three words: cleansing, calming and transforming. The transformation amethyst promotes consists in uplifting our personality from the lower to the higher levels of existence in almost all domains of human manifestation. Amethyst transforms all inferior types of energy into more vibrant energy flows capable of healing the numerous levels of our mind, body and soul. These healing properties have been recognized already in the time of ancient Greece, whose people strongly believed amethyst stone can be used as a means of detoxification or even prevention of all sorts of physical or mental addictions.

Amethyst possesses a calming and balancing vibrational quality, so it is no surprise that this crystal has often been linked to peace and calm. It has been praised for its calming and protective effect on the intellect, mind and attentiveness. If we are stressed physically or mentally, if we know that there comes a period of intense mental activities, amethyst can help us relax the tension and ease the nervous strain.

People often ask where they should place their crystals in order for the crystal healing to be effective. The truth is that crystals, and for that matter also amethyst crystal, do not affect our physical body directly, but indirectly via its energy support to the so called etheric body. Therefore, in most cases it is more that enough to just be around some amethyst stones. They will resonate with the corresponding energy centers or chakras, even if not put in direct contact with them, bringing mental strength, stability and energy. They will protect our mind from psychic attacks and help to mold our negative thinking into more optimistic one. Our stress will be eased and our depression, emotional despair and ineffective communication improved.

Amethyst can be helpful in curing alcohol and drug addiction, and equally other types of dependences. For some forms of insomnia and problems with nightmares, amethyst stone should be placed under the pillow. There are testimonies of people being able to sleep like babies after using this gemstone.

Besides the best known purple colored amethyst, there are several other forms of amethyst with subtle differences with regards to healing, such as for example ametrine - a combination of amethyst and citrine. Recently, green amethyst has gained popularity, and you can read about the green amethyst healing properties in a separate article. In addition, there is a nice description of the green amethyst origin here.

As far as we are concerned with intuition sharpening, self growth and personal development, amethyst is an unprecedented stone. It will greatly help in beginners meditation, ease visualization, and some healers even claim it would be useful in past lives recollection.

Amethyst crystal is also reported to be able to promote behavioral changes. We are all aware of how difficult it is to change our bad habits and express our own great potential properly. The everyday pressure can be high, and sometimes we are prone to letting ourselves go astray with activities that diminish the vitality of our body and mind. These include, among the other types, overeating, gambling, smoking, excessive drinking, etc.

After a period of time of repeating those negative activities, we have created habits that are difficult to eliminate. This is the way various types of addictions are formed. Amethyst can help us start fighting and gradually healing these unwanted habits and obsessions. Amethyst is able to bring back the disturbed balance in our life, and change the programmed behaviors that had been repeatedly rooted in our body.

If you have ever had doubts about whether crystals can help improve your health, just give it a try. Apart from spending a small amount of money to purchase your crystals, and a little effort to purify, charge and program your crystals, it does not really cost anything and the results might surprise you.

Amethyst geode