Amish Buggy

In 2006 A gunmen walked into an Amish school house in Nickel Mine Pennsylvania and murdered 5 young girls. The night before I was at my friend Earls house.

Earl and I were talking about school shootings. I had a young daughter that would be starting school soon. I told him "With all of the school shootings, I wish I could put her into an Amish school". The next morning my phone rang. Earl called and asked if I had heard the news, I said "what news?" Earl told me to turn on the television.

I was shocked at what I was seeing. The news was covering the Amish school shooting that had occurred. It hit me really hard. I had only the night before wished I could put my daughter in an Amish school to protect her from a random school shooting, and then here it was, 5 young Amish girls murdered.

The innocence and safety of the Amish communities where shattered. The last communities in the United States where I had felt, at least in my mind, were safe from random crime and murder. I knew, as well as everyone else did, that this was a senseless crime. It's not like the Amish are Mafioso, so this had to be a senseless crime. Why would someone do this?

I have long had a fascination with the Amish culture and communities. The other night the movie "Amish Grace" came on and I had set the DVR to record it. When I got home my daughter and I watched it together. The first 10 minutes of the movie I kept pausing it to tell my daughter about the Amish. She was fascinated by when I told her that only the married men had beards. She thought that was real neat.

The Movie Amish Grace is based on the true story of the Amish School shooting. Some of the characters in the movie are fiction, but the events of the school shooting and the aftermath of it was covered extremely well.

The Amish community forgave the shooter who killed their young girls, the shooters wife, and also helped the deceased shooters kids out with toy donations.

This is one of those movies you need to simply watch. I do not want to give away the movie. Yeah, you probably know the story already, but until you see this movie you may not fully realize how the Amish dealt with the situation.

I cried through out the movie. They were not necessarily tears of sadness, but tears of amazement of how the Amish handled the situation. My tears started when the Amish men got a ride to the house of the man that did the killings, so they could meet with his widow.

The movie Amish Grace focuses on the struggles that one of the Amish ladies has. Her daughter was murdered and the Amish community has forgiven the killer and his family. This mother can not bring herself to forgive the killer of her young daughter.

The movie is very emotional. I highly recommend this movie to anybody. I give this movie 5 of 5 stars. The movie Amish Grace is a must see movie.