Hand Carved Walking Canes can not only be essential for getting around or getting out for walks but they can also be a bit of a fashion statement and look good!

The Amish do great wood work and carving work and the cane or walking stick is no exception.  Each one is carved by hand using natural wood oak and then stained and varnished for protection. 

The handle as you can see in the picture works well with an adult hand or a child’s hand and allows you to fully grip it with no slipping.  There is a rubber bottom mounted on to stop any slipping.  This is well made and would make a great accessory to anyone who relies on a cane to get around or simply wants to use walking sticks knowing they are individually made and unique and not mass produced.

Hand Carved Walking CanesCredit: Amazon.com

Amish Hand Carved Walking Cane IN OAK We all know how important exercise is for our health and mental well-being, so getting out and about especially in the better weather is a great way to get exercise as well as fresh air.  But sometimes due to injury, age or simply balance issues we may not feel confident enough to go out and get that much needed exercise and fresh air.

By using an aide to help with walking and to help feel confident again, using walking sticks (this is when you get two of these and use one in each hand for stability) or one cane maybe all that you need to feel confident enough to go outside and get around.

You want to get ones that are comfortable and lightweight, and there are many on the market now from metal ones to wood ones, but if you are going to use a cane then getting an Amish carved one also looks good.Hand Carved Walking Canes(99547)Credit: Amazon.com

If you like to hike but need a bit of help on those hills, then using two of these hand carved canes or walking sticks would be the perfect combo.  Using walking sticks and poles have become common place now in many of the parks and on many trails.  You see them everywhere.

They are not expensive and give you that extra help when trying to navigate uneven ground on trails.

A friend of mine has a bad knee and she uses walking sticks all the time now.  Before she wouldn’t even venture out for fear of hurting it and didn’t want to rely on crutches, so using canes or sticks is a great way to build your confidence again and get outside.

You can get these at many health supply stores, weekend markets and some craft fairs, but you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon.  You can even order them carved out of different wood if you don’t like oak such as poplar, ash and walnut or a combination which would look stylish too.  They are a conversation piece.

Using canes or sticks doesn’t mean they can’t look good!  So, check out different styles online and see if you like the hand carved wood ones or the metal ones, but find something with a bit of personality that will also last a good long time.

Beautiful Amish Walking Cane

get a unique one for yourself or for a gift and get outside more.